2 Years of #TakeoutDay + Tips & Picks

Two years ago, on April 15th, Canada Takeout launched as a reminder for Canadians everywhere to make takeout part of their regular routine; and operators like you helped make it happen.

1 launch day, 4 virtual concerts, 24 months, 15,000+ restaurant registrations and countless food holidays later, we’re excited to not only celebrate a long weekend National Takeout Day this year but also share with you stats, tips and top dishes from your fellow restaurateurs, as provided directly to Canada Takeout via our Industry Insider newsletter.

“Off-premises, which includes drive-thru, carry-out, and delivery, have grown from 55% of foodservice visits to 80% today.” Vince Sgabellone, Industry Analyst, Canada Foodservice – The NPD Group, L.P. 

2020 Takeout %

In our starting year, which saw a very takeout-oriented foodservice landscape, out of all responding restaurants:

  • 47.1% said takeout accounted for 50% of their business.
  • 29.4% said takeout accounted for 75% of their business.
  • 5.9% said takeout accounted for almost all of their business.

This means only 17.7% of responding restaurants had takeout accounting for less than half of their business to start with.

2021 & 2022 Takeout %

One year later, with dine-in making various levels of return, only 29.4% said takeout accounted for less than half of their business.

For 2022, while over half / under half projections are close to being 50/50, zero percent of respondents intend to eliminate takeout completely.

But What Are They Serving?


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Reported best-selling dishes across Canada in our survey included, but weren’t limited to, Chicken (Buddha Satay Bowls, Chicken Dinners, Butter Chicken, Chicken Marbella, Chicken Wings), Meal Boxes, Fish & Chips, Burgers, Prime Rib, Churros and even Spicy Tuna Maki.

Canadians sure love variety!

For You, Their Top Tips

Put in a pick-up window, if possible.
Be available on all channels and serve until midnight.
Focus on order accuracy, and be honest about how much time it will take.
Smile, even in a mask. People always feel positive when you smile at them.
Cost out your containers on a weekly basis.

Don’t Forget, National Takeout Day is April 15th!

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Thanks to Jif®, we’re kicking off our biggest giveaway yet on Instagram on April 7th, complete with over $5.000 in cash and prizes, all while encouraging Canadians everywhere to share their delicious takeout pick-ups online.

Happy Takeout Days!