This week, Canada Takeout celebrates one of the most versatile meal additions in takeout, CHEESE!

No matter what your favourite cuisine type is, there’s always room for a sprinkle of cheese; on the side, on top, or inside the dish, you can’t go wrong.

Here are ten favourited and delicious cheese dishes we recommend you try, upon availability, at a local restaurant nearest you.

Quiche au Fromage

A lighter meal, or a late-night snack, Quiche au Fromage features a thin pastry bed and a custom cheese blend in a tart-like shape.

Other ingredients often include nutmeg, herbs, milk or crème fraîche. Some restaurants also incorporate meats into the cheese blend before baking the quiche to a golden brown.

Pictured: Quiche Jambon Fromage by Maison Christian Faure, Montréal, QC. @maisonchristianfaure


When Canadians think cheese, they often think of cheese curds, and what better curd dish than our glorious poutine?

First served in Drummondville, Quebec, this fries-gravy-cheese dish can be made so many ways but for many, there’s no better part than the oooey gooey cheese!

Click here for 10 restaurants across Canada offering the perfect poutine.

Pictured: Poutine by Halifax Donair, Milton & Burlington, ON. @halifax_donair


Imagine your favourite meats or veggies wrapped….in…..CHEESE!

That’s the premise for the Greek appetizer known as Saganaki. Prepared with these additions or even on its own, the Saganaki’s cheese blend is pan-seared in a sagani to form a crust and be served.

Traditional cheeses to use in a Saganaki dish include feta (sheep’s milk-made), graviera, and kasseri.

Pictured: Shrimp Saganaki from Pantheon Restaurant, Toronto, ON. @pantheondanforth

Palak Paneer

A Punjabi veggie dish, a Palak Paneer is a blend of fresh spinach, cheese and, if desired, tomatoes, and signature spices like garam masala. In fact, the two main ingredients make up the name in Hindi. Palak = Spinach, Paneer = Cheese.

Easy to cook, Palak Paneer can be indulged in any time of day, often accompanied by flatbreads.

Pictured: Palak Paneer by Indian Oven, Vancouver, BC. @indianovenvan

Mac & Cheese

Growing up in Canada, it’s very likely that most, if not all, friends in our social circles were at some point living off delicious mac and cheese that came in a blue and yellow box, complete with an orange powder packet.

Today, just like with our amazing poutines, restaurants have taken this staple childhood dish and elevated it to new flavour heights, incorporating amazing custom cheese blends, hot added ingredients (meats, seafood, etc) and spice mixtures that are so comforting to our taste buds.

Pictured: Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, Bookers BBQ Grill & Crab Shack, Calgary, AB. @bookersbbqyyc


A German contribution to our cheese adoration, Käsespätzle is a mouth-watering take on the mac & cheese made from two or more kinds of melted cheese and house-made spätzle noodles composed of eggs, flour and seasonings.

Common toppings include caramelized or roasted onions and grated cheese.

Pictured: Käsespätzle by Little Bavaria Restaurant, Scarborough, ON.

Queso Fundido

A comforting cheese dish originating in Mexico, Queso Fundido is a popular fondue-like appetizer or tableside side-serving.

It’s often made with tomatoes, onions, peppers and of course melted cheese. Prepared typically three ways, oven-cooked, broiled or flambe-style.

Try it on your favourite tortillas. Goes great with guac!

Pictured: Queso Fundido by La Mezcaleria, Vancouver, BC. @lamezcaleriayvr