We’re here to remind Canadians to make takeout a regular part of their meal planning, to support your local restaurants, and to celebrate delicious food.

Restaurants are a key component of our economy and our communities. We believe that supporting them by ordering takeout demonstrates our commitment to the diversity and culture that makes Canada what it is – all while helping our restauranteurs to stay afloat. What’s not to love?

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We celebrate on Wednesdays,

but any day can be #TakeoutDay!

Here’s a little more on why restaurants are important, and why we’re supporting them:

Local restaurants are the meeting places of your community

Restaurants have always been where the people meet friends, start businesses, watch games, find solace, feed kids and fall in love. They’ll be all those things again. Right now, they’re places to get awesome food. Nothing wrong with that.

Local restaurants provide job opportunities for foodies

The hours are brutal, the work is physical and the pay can be worse for restaurant owners than restaurant staff. But for people who were meant for the restaurant world, none of that matters. “A certain type of chaotic and disorganized personality always finds a home in the restaurant business,” said Anthony Bourdain. “Much the same way people find a home in the military.”

Local restaurants are hotbeds of creative talent

Setting a menu is like curating an art gallery AND painting all the pictures. Everything has to work together and individually, further the restaurant’s brand story, look appetizing, taste great and be profitable. Sound easy? You try it. In some places, it goes even further. Grammy-winner Nora Jones had a weekend solo gig at a restaurant, which she said was “the best practice I could have ever had because it’s where we learned to coordinate singing and piano playing.” And Jason Alexander once admitted that the famous “Soup Nazi” episode on Seinfeld was inspired by an actual restaurant off 8th Avenue in New York City.

Local restaurants are usually family businesses

Behind most of the restaurants in your area are people who’ve promised their spouses, kids and parents that they could make their dreams work. If they’ve made it this far, their dreams are already working. Rachel Ray said her first memory in life is grilling her thumb to the griddle in their restaurant on Cape Cod. We want more of that.

So remember, take a load off. No cooking, no dishes — #TakeoutDay!