AUTEC Sushi Robots Promises Simplicity & Efficiency In Craft Of Sushi Making And Production

At the forefront of commercial food robotics for over 20 years, AUTEC’s has provided solutions to help businesses increase efficiency and simplify operations for maximum performance while maintaining authenticity in the craft of sushi making and production.

AUTEC’s latest product, Sushi Roll Cutter ASM260A robot was on display at the Restaurant Canada Show 2023 in April. The ASM260A safely and efficiently cuts sushi rolls using its elegant, yet simple design allowing up to four hosomaki sushi rolls (seaweed on the outside, traditional roll) to be cut into 6/8/10 pieces each at once! The rolls are raised upward through a unique internal cutting unit, mimicking the delicate motions of a sushi chef’s knife. Even rolls with toppings can be expertly cut while keeping their elements perfectly intact!

Other products like the Maki Maker ASM865A produces up to 1300 rice sheets (per hour) of various thickness and sizes for sushi rolls, sushi burrito, sushi pizza, sushi taco and more. Meanwhile the Nigiri Maker ASM410A is capable of producing 2,400 rice balls (per hour) for nigiri sushi and crispy rice sushi.

Watch Former Executive Chef of Chaya and Yamashiro, Chef Joji Inoue step up to the AUTEC counter to serve beautiful and creative sushi with help of AUTEC machines!

Learn how you can create a hygienic and safe sushi production by automating one or all aspects of a sushi roll operation. Minimize direct food contact with AUTEC sushi robots!

Other AUTEC Products and Innovation

Restaurant automation is a restaurant management system that automate the operations of a restaurant. 

Simplify your hospitality operations and create supportive working conditions with autonomous service robots, H.A.R.T. – Hospitality Assistance Robot Tech.

Chain Conveyor Belt is a food delivery system where freshly made sushi is placed onto a food-safe conveyor belt by sushi chefs and navigates throughout the restaurant for the diners to choose from.

AUTEC is at the crossroads of technology and tradition, envisioning a world where sushi robots aid sushi chefs to reach the mutual goal of meeting the industry’s demand for sushi and continuously improve the quality of food and service. Interested operators can find out more about pricing on all robots and accessories at the company’s website. Additionally before purchasing any of AUTEC sushi robots, potential customers can find out how a sushi robot would fit inside your kitchen space with their new AR app!

Step into the future of sushi.