Club House for Chefs Launches Two New Flavour-Packed Seasonings

Canada’s #1 grilling brand welcomed two new seasoning blends to their flavour family.

Club House® Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning: 2024’s flavour of the year, Tamarind, shines in this new tangy, Mexican-inspired seasoning blend. Tamarind pairs with the mild heat of pasilla chiles and savoury notes of paprika, coriander, and onion. The well-rounded, versatile blend offers up a sour, savoury heat perfect for adding complexity to your dishes and menus. Visit their website for ideas and inspiration on how you can use the new Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning to elevate your menu.

La Grille Cracked Black Pepper Garlic & Sea Salt: Pre-blended for convenience and consistent flavour, this versatile seasoning is an essential ingredient for any back of house. It is a classic seasoning with high-quality coarse ground spices designed to bring out the best flavour in a dish. La Grille Cracked Black Pepper Garlic & Sea Salt offers chefs maximum versatility for use across the menu from proteins to vegetables and saves time and labour with conveniently blended ingredients for the perfect flavour every time.

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