Dive into the Art of Chocolate with Barry Callebaut’s Professional Course!

Refine Your Culinary Mastery in 2024

As we usher in the new year, chefs and restaurant owners are presented with a golden opportunity to enhance their culinary expertise. Indulge your passion for desserts with Barry Callebaut’s latest course, tailored exclusively to professionals seeking to elevate their skills in the world of chocolate.

Crucial Note: This course, presented by Barry Callebaut, caters specifically to professionals, including employees in chocolate, pastry, and bakery fields, as well as those in hotels, catering services, and restaurants. It is expressly designed for individuals aspiring to excel in the professional chocolate industry and is not intended for hobbyists.

Are you eager to acquire essential skills in working with chocolate? This course covers fundamental techniques such as mastering crystallization, perfecting molding and dipping, and ensuring the flawless sealing of molded chocolates.

Discover the Chocolate Fundamentals, a hands-on experience crafted for beginners, offering:

  • In-depth mastery of crystallization techniques
  • Expertise in dipping and molding techniques
  • Precision in sealing molded chocolates
  • An introduction to ganaches and emulsions
  • Insight into common problems and effective remedies
  • Orientation to essential equipment
  • A delightful chocolate ritual tasting experience

Immerse yourself in a three-day journey dedicated to honing the fundamental skills of working with chocolate, guided by the expertise of Barry Callebaut. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the art, from perfecting techniques to exploring the intricacies of chocolate itself. Master the craftsmanship of chocolate – an investment in your culinary prowess that will undoubtedly sweeten your success!