How To Do Large Party Takeout Orders Well

Written by Vivian Chung

Large takeout orders for the holidays can feel chaotic, but with proper organization and by streamlining the takeout process, you can ensure success and help keep wait times at a minimum. Perfecting the takeout process from ordering the food to picking it up no matter how big the orders can keep customers coming back, and can ensure they enjoy quality food in the comfort of their homes without ever leaving.

Keep Food at a Safe Temperature

Expecting to pick up a warm meal when the food is already cold can be a factor that prevents customers from coming back. To prevent this from happening when dealing with large takeout orders this holiday season, consider installing a few warmers at your restaurant’s takeout station to keep hot meals at their optimal temperature without impacting food quality until they’re ready for pickup.

Include Instructions

Offering takeout sometimes means customers aren’t able to enjoy your food the way it’s intended. But by including a notecard with simple and easy-to-follow instructions, whether for reheating or storing purposes, customers can enjoy your food at its optimal state. Add a bit of personal flair to the notecards by including a handwritten thank you note.

Label Packages

When managing large takeout orders, it’s easy to get packages mixed up. But by clearly labeling them, both you and the customer will know at a glance that the entire order is there, and where to find each dish. This is also an especially thoughtful touch for customers who have food allergies so they know right away to avoid digging into it. 

Use Proper Packaging

Using proper and sturdy packaging will help you get your dishes to the customer while maintaining optimal temperature and quality until the customers can enjoy them. Use packaging in your restaurant colours as a way to reach your customers with your brand message, and as an opportunity for them to interact with your brand when they’re not dining in. And because takeout often requires extra packaging materials, show your commitment to environmental health by opting for eco-friendly packaging.


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Check for Accuracy

While fixing an issue with a botched order onsite can be relatively straightforward, it can be particularly frustrating when a customer goes home with part of the order missing or the wrong soup. Prevent this from happening by triple checking each order before handing it off for pickup or delivery, and consider equipping the staff with headsets so takeout orders can be relayed to the kitchen immediately, eliminating chances of error. Having a checklist of items for staff to include in every takeout order, whether it’s a personalized note or utensils, can help ensure customers go home with everything they need.