How to Increase Guest Check Averages in Restaurants

Guest check average is everything. The cost of acquiring the customer is always the same for a business, so maximizing the spending of consumers who have already found you is vital to revenue growth. Every little bit helps, so here are some of our favourite tips to maximize each transaction.

Package Deals

The more items diners order, the higher the spend – that we all know. But, guests are sensitive to spending and, optically, ordering 5 items seems excessive. By packaging a meal for 2, 4 or 6, there is an implied value. Through these deals, you can also package lower-cost items to compliment the showstoppers on your menu.

Force Modifiers/Add-Ons

What’s better than the dish on your menu? To guests, their own modified versions! Modifications are not always our kitchens’ friends but they can be a great profit centre. Make it easy for your customers to add a protein, extra cheese or double their noodles. This adds a premium on top of the regular price with a very low labour-add.

Grocery Items

You’ve got a pantry full of great ingredients that sometimes are hard to find, whether they’re the Italian sodas you stock or that really good baker’s yeast you enjoy using. Your customers will pay a premium to access these ingredients for use at another time. Whether you’re selling a great bottle of hot sauce, pizza dough or even a jar of your house-made pickles, this tactic adds value as well as customer loyalty.

Meal Kits

Assemble-at-home meal kits are all the rage. Why not offer a ready-to-cook option and let your guests stockpile your goods for a rainy day. This is a high-value add-on that extends the check size and fosters brand loyalty. Be it a burger box or a kit full of fresh pasta and sauce, the options are endless.

Delivery Minimum Discounts

How many times have you added that one thing you didn’t exactly need to your shopping cart in order to avoid the shipping cost on an order? Likely a lot. Customers are hardwired to get value and incentivizing a higher spend to avoid the shipping or delivery premium is a great way to raise the average spend and build menu explorers.