Lactalis Foodservice Launches Galbani Professionale Premio Pizza Mozzarella in Canada

Lactalis Canada Foodservice – a division of Canadian dairy leader Lactalis Canada – announced the launch of Galbani Professionale Premio Pizza Mozzarella in Canada. Part of Italy’s #1 Cheese Brand’s portfolio, new Galbani Professionale Premio offers exceptional cheese coverage and melting behaviour. Premio is a 26% Pizza Mozzarella that comes in a 2.3kg block format. With ample free oil, remarkable blister coverage and uniformity as well as a rich, buttery and creamy flavour profile, Galbani Professionale Premio Pizza Mozzarella is ideal for exceptional cheese coverage and unparalleled melting behaviour for a mouthwatering texture.

“Working with a new cheese can sometimes be challenging – but not when it’s a Galbani Professionale product,” said award winning Chef Thomas Schneider, Owner of Tommy’s Pizzeria in Manitoba. “I know that Lactalis Canada’s Galbani Professionale team puts the time and research into ensuring their products always cook properly, with amazing consistency so that chefs like myself never have to worry. Every single time I try a Galbani Professionale product it always tastes incredible, and I’m thrilled to feature Galbani Premio Pizza Mozzarella in my pizzeria.”

The brand celebrated the launch of Galbani Professionale Premio Pizza Mozzarella in Canada with an exclusive event held at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto. Guests had the opportunity to learn more about this innovative product from trusted industry professionals including Afrim Pristine, Canada’s premier cheese expert, TV personality and owner of the Cheese Boutique in Toronto, as well as renowned Chef Thomas Schneider, Chef Maurizio Mascioli, Chef Anthony Sestito, Chef Ryan Marquis and Chef Luciano Schipano. Participants also enjoyed a specially curated menu featuring Premio Pizza Mozzarella in collaboration with Toronto Ritz-Carlton Hotel Chef Liezle Espejo.

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