Leveraging Food Holidays to your Restaurant’s Advantage

Designated calendar dates celebrating various dishes, beverage and cuisine types, food holidays are a perfect added opportunity for restaurants to feature and promote particular offerings, or fully dedicated menus, using pre-existing platforms and engagement methods for these already established occasions.

After Canada Takeout launched in the spring of 2020, many #TakeoutDay Wednesdays soon became aligned with these food holidays, presenting double-edged advertising opportunities for new and existing restaurants from coast to coast. Receiving a weekly notice of the upcoming holidays, restaurant operators were invited to submit dish images and descriptions for potential complimentary features, alongside additional paid partnership offerings.

By summer’s end, 95% of surveyed Canada Takeout restaurant participants had begun, or continued, to align their weekly dishes and promotions with the holiday-themed takeout days.

Some of the most diner-engaged food holidays so far in the platform’s history have included Greek Food Day, Wing Day, Cheese Day and Fried Chicken Sandwich Day, just to name a few.

While dine-in has resumed across many Canadian regions, takeout still remains at the forefront of many operations, with 94% of foodservice operators planning on continuing to offer takeout upon resuming their normal operations, even those who hadn’t offered it pre-pandemic. 49.9% even noted a plan to increase the number of takeout offerings by their restaurants.


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Restaurateurs are invited by Canada Takeout to be a part of our weekly food holiday campaigns. This includes having your business logo placed on campaign assets, your handles added to boosted social posts plus Canada Takeout assets for your own social feeds.

Additional non-holiday opportunities, including integrated ad buys, newsletter features and more, are also available.