Mary Brown’s Chicken Offers Canadians Nashville Chicken Sandwiches and Taters

Love the tastes of Nashville? The sweet, smoky and spicy flavours of the state’s chicken and taters are now available at 200+ Mary Brown’s restaurants nationwide via their Nashville Mary Sandwich and Nashville Taters!

“As we continue to expand our footprint across the country, we are always exploring new flavour profiles to offer our Guests,” says Jeff Barlow, VP Marketing, Mary Brown’s Chicken. “We’re excited to showcase our take on Nashville in our distinct and uniquely Canadian way.”

The Nashville Mary Sandwich may be on the milder end of the spice meter, but guests will love the touches of smokiness and hot honey. The fresh, made-in-house Nashville Taters will also quickly be a Mary Brown’s must-have, both items joining the ranks of the always-popular Big Mary®, Spicy Big Mary® and Buffalo Mary Sandwiches.

Mary Brown’s is a 100% Canadian-owned restaurant company, and guests can eat assured that their chicken and taters come from fresh, local sources.

About the Nashville Mary Sandwich
Nashville Mary is made with a whole Canadian chicken breast, breaded in-house with Mary Brown’s Signature recipe which has stood the test of time for over half a century. Smothered in a hot honey Nashville glaze, topped with crunchy pickles, smooth ranch dressing, and sandwiched between a soft sesame seed bun, Nashville Mary is a mouth-watering addition to the Mary Brown’s menu.

About the Nashville Taters
New Nashville Taters start with whole fresh potatoes grown by Canadian farmers, hand-cut and hand-breaded in-house, before being tossed in the delicious new Nashville glaze.

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