Montreal Startup Bends The Laws Of Physics With UFrost Pro

Founder and CEO Julien Michalk and the Ufrost team are making huge waves all over Quebec!

With its distinct and patented technology, its business specializes in frozen gastronomy experiences. Offering a selection of transforming cocktails and frozen shots, Ufrost is innovating in the bar service industry by making the impossible into a reality.

The Montreal startup founded in 2016 is a thriving member of the city’s event scene. Orchestrating big corporate events & thematic gala’s, the team behind the magic is pushing the boundaries of the hospitality industry one cocktail at a time. Offering a wide range of signature drinks and frozen delights, infused with premium spirits, this 360 service is an instant wow that goes far beyond what we know. As the world’s first portable instant freezing machine, Ufrost is spinning heads behind the tap & people want to know more

Founder and CEO Julien Michalk

Capable of dropping to temperatures as low as -98 degrees Celsius in 60 seconds, the device has unlocked a new horizon in the food and beverage industry, as it can accomplish what no other device has been able to do before. Using recycled CO2 and years of tinkering, the first model of the machine can serve up to 16 frozen servings in a single instance. This bite sized frozen creations are ready to eat straight out off the mold and have sparked a string of curiosity from everyone’s that tried it!

Combining sensorial pleasures with novel technology, the Ufrost experience is by far the most innovative device to be released in food and beverages markets since the microwave. The company is currently in the last stages of developing its newest model the Ufrost PRO, a more compact and user-friendly version specifically made to be handled behind the bar. The startup is planning on commercializing the model early this June with a host of venues in Montreal already on their wait list. With a sleek look and new handy features, the bartop tool has been designed to empower culinary creatives who want to attract new customers by differentiating their menus and developing unique gastronomical experiences. This device will revolutionize the way mixologists and chefs combine, infuse, and innovate flavor, textures and shapes.

That’s not all! The company has an ambitious vision for the future. Building their business model, inspired by the coffee empire Nespresso, new technologies are on their way. From instant clear ice studies to the preservation of food, anything is possible with the power of cold. For Ufrost, the sky is the limit. Who knows, you might have the newest Ufrost machine in your home in a couple of years!