5 Ways Establishments Across Canada are Celebrating National Bourbon Day 2022

A second annual serving, Cheers! Spirits from the USA invites bourbon lovers, and the spirit-curious, to celebrate National Bourbon Day on Tuesday, June 14th!

What makes bourbon a bourbon? It’s specific mash-make up of 51% corn, 49% wheat plus rye or malted barley and absolutely – no additives permitted -. (To learn more about Bourbon, click here)

Here are how some establishments across Canada are having their own public celebrations. Find additional National Bourbon Day happenings nearest you on the special Bourbon Day map!

Fets Whisky Kitchen (Vancouver, BC)

At Fets Whisky Kitchen, prepare to be amazed by one of Vancouver’s largest varieties of Bourbon-based cocktails!

Address: 1230 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC. @whisky_kitchen


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The Roost on Corydon

Pop into the roost for their signature Bourbon cocktail, Smoke Stacks! A mix of Bourbon, averna, laphroiag and tasty chocolate bitters.

Address: 651 Cordyon Avenue, Winnipeg, MB. @theroostwpg

Beast Pizza (Toronto, ON)

Enjoy Beast Pizza’s Cheesy Garlic Bone Marrow, a rosemary and sea salt bread with bourbon poured through as a well-deserved digestif!

Address: 96 Tecumseth St, Toronto, ON. @beast_pizza_to


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Burgundy Lion

Treat yourself to Burgundy Lion’s array of private whiskey tastings, whiskey flights and their extensive public Bourbon collection.

Address: 2496 Notre Dame O, Montreal, QC. @burgundylion


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The Middle Spoon (Halifax, NS)

For a Bourbon cocktail as sweet and delicious as their many desserts, order the Tabitha & Timmy; Bourbon, Lillet Blanc, strawberry puree, fresh lemon juice, mango juice, simple syrup and passion fruit tea soda!

Address: 1563 Barrington St, Halifax, NS. @themiddlespoon


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