Nearly Half of Canadians Would Give Up Social Media Before Red Meat

Canadians can now enjoy the same delicious taste and texture of traditional animal-based steak, while reducing their red meat consumption with newly launched Beyond Steak®.

Beyond Meat has brought its revolutionary Beyond Steak® north of the border, expanding its portfolio of delicious, nutritious and sustainable plant-based protein products in Canada. To understand Canadians attitudes towards red meat, the company commissioned a survey which unveiled interesting facts about the country’s current perceptions and consumption habits. Some of the findings include:

  • While 67% of Canadian respondents consider reducing their red meat consumption – nearly half of them (49%) would rather give up social media for a month than red meat
  • Two-thirds of Canadian respondents believe steak is the hardest meat to replicate in a plant-based alternative
  • 1/3rd of Canadian respondents who are looking to reduce their red meat consumption believe that plant-based protein alternatives do not taste good

“We know that when it comes to food it’s all about taste, and our survey findings revealed 61% of Canadian respondents agree taste would be the number one thing they miss when it comes to reducing red meat consumption,” said Heena Verma, Senior Marketing Director, Beyond Meat. “Enter Beyond Steak! Recognized amongst TIME’s Best Inventions in 2022, it delivers juicy and tender bites of plant-based seared steak tips designed to deliver the same delicious taste and texture as traditional steak.”

Findings from the survey also showed that amongst Canadian respondents interested in reducing their red meat intake, more than half (55%) indicated that lowering cholesterol is their primary motivating factor. Beyond Steak contains 0 mg of cholesterol, 0.5g of sat fat and is packed with 24g of plant-based protein per serving, so Canadians can now indulge in their favourite steak dishes guilt-free. With 85% less saturated fat than traditional steak1, Beyond Steak is made from simple plant-based ingredients like faba beans meaning Canadians can feel as good about every bite as its taste.

Additional data from the survey revealed that when it comes to plant-based protein, nearly one third of Canadians (32%) struggle with convenience and understanding on how to prepare it. Beyond Steak goes from frozen to cooked in just five minutes in an air fryer or skillet. It is perfect for fajitas, stir fries and more. It’s so easy to prepare that even cooks who are just starting out can add craveable plant-based flavour to popular meaty dishes while avoiding culinary catastrophes.

“To celebrate the Canadian launch of Beyond Steak, we’ve partnered with renowned artist Laurence Vallières, to create an interactive life-sized Beyond Meat steer made entirely from recycled Beyond Meat packaging,” continued Verma. “Our goal with the partnership is to rally Canadians’ commitment to a more sustainable future this summer.”

For today only (May 30), Torontonians can witness the masterpiece and get their hands on FREE Beyond Steak tacos at STACKT Market from 2pm – 6pm while supplies last. Every sample of Beyond Steak handed out will come with stickers illustrating Beyond Meat’s mission pillars, that Torontonians can affix onto the cardboard creature to be a part of Canada’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Canadians from coast-to-coast can get their hands on delicious Beyond Steak in the frozen meat aisle at major retailers now.