Redberry Announces Unprecedented Growth In 2022

Redberry Restaurants has capped off an unprecedented year of growth, solidly positioning them for years of upcoming expansion.

In an announcement January 2023, the multi-brand Quick-Service Restaurant Franchisee, Redberry said that, while it experienced significant growth in 2022, the year was primarily about positioning the company for an extended period of exciting expansion. With almost 400 new Burger King and Taco Bell locations set to open over the next eight years, Redberry is poised to be Canada’s largest and fastest-growing restaurant Franchisee.

As one of Canada’s fastest-growing restaurant companies, Redberry added more than 3,000 people to its team in 2022 to support this tremendous growth. There were also close to 400 internal promotions of existing team members.  5,000 team members will be hired in 2023 to fuel the company’s growth.

Following the relocation of its corporate headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. Redberry’s Restaurant Support Team continues to grow, through office space expansion and modernization of its work environment.

In 2022, Redberry’s Canadian QSR footprint grew significantly. A total of 14 new restaurants were added to the company’s portfolio, and 11 locations were remodelled, including Canada’s first historic Burger King restaurant in Windsor, Ontario.

Over the next six years, Redberry will build more than 150 new restaurants and remodel nearly 65 more across Canada under an extraordinary agreement with Burger King Canada, 23 of which will open this year.

In other news, Redberry signed an unprecedented expansion plan to build 200 Taco Bell locations across five Canadian provinces within eight years, doubling the brand’s current Canadian footprint, the first of which opened in London, Ontario, in January 2023. Redberry also plans to open three additional Pizza Hut locations in Alberta, this year.

Throughout 2022, Redberry received various industry awards for its achievements, including the Top 50 Franchisee Operators in North America (Franchise Times) making them the only Canadian company to crack the top 50. In addition to being named in the Top 20 Foodservice Chains (Foodservice and Hospitality).