Restaurant Operators Can Turn to Campbell’s Product Solutions to Ease Strain on Labour and Resources

To help foodservice establishments across Canada manage the industry’s many challenges of operating in 2022, Campbell’s® Foodservice provides restaurateurs easy-to-prepare product solutions to ease operator pain points and reduce back-of-house complexities.

Fifty-seven percent of the industry’s decline has happened in independent and small chain restaurants. They responded by developing drive-thru, delivery and carry-out options. Campbell’s® prepared products can help in this area, as they have proven transportability to go along with the on-trend flavours operators appreciate and patrons crave.

And for restaurateurs rebuilding their businesses with accumulated debt along with staffing and supply issues, fully prepared product options like the ones Campbell’s® offers definitely lighten the burden. And Campbell’s® products are easy to use AND flavourful.

“Bold flavours are very popular with current consumers,” Campbell’s® Director of Marketing Anit Arora told Western Restaurant News, and the numbers back him up:
– 36% of consumers are interested in trying more ethnic soups like Campbell’s® Verve Bombay Style Butter Chicken, a rich and creamy twist on the popular Indian entrée.
– 32% of consumers say they eat Mac and Cheese at least once a month.
– 33% of consumers said it was important that soup they order at restaurants is “something they can’t make at home.”

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