Ritual’s new MenuIQ Feature Empowers Customers to Easily Spot Markups

Most people are unaware that delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash have inflated menu prices on top of their various fees, tips and other charges. The New York Times found that the menu item markups on delivery apps are up to 91% more expensive than what you would pay in-store. These markups are almost impossible for customers to notice since there is no easy source of comparison pricing, until now.

Ritual is changing the game in online food ordering with MenuIQ, an innovative new feature within the Ritual app that provides instant price comparisons for takeout orders across leading platforms in Canada. Showing the price you pay ordering with Ritual, in-store, and from popular delivery apps makes Ritual the only order-ahead service that provides this level of transparency in its pricing.

“Ritual’s mission is to bring fairness, transparency, and affordability to food ordering,” said Ray Reddy, Founder of Ritual. “In a market riddled with hidden fees and inflated prices, MenuIQ is an easy tool that lets customers see the real costs of their meal while supporting local restaurants in standing up against the industry’s giants.”

As Ritual marks its tenth year in the industry, the introduction of MenuIQ underscores Ritual’s commitment to consumer-focused service, fair pricing, and support for local businesses. By offering transparent pricing details, MenuIQ enables informed decision-making for consumers and assists restaurants in maintaining fair competition in a market dominated by Uber Eats and DoorDash.

MenuIQ launched on January 29, 2024, and is currently in Beta. Not all menu items have price comparisons. Ritual is working to expand its capabilities.