SkipTheDishes ‘Do Good Deal’ Adds Value While Reducing Food Waste

By Jessica Rodrigues

“Better For Your Wallet and For the Environment”

Convenience, variety and service are a few words that come to mind when thinking of online food delivery apps. With SkipTheDishes new Do Good Deal offer, you can add the word eco-conscious to the list of benefits.

According to a recent study by Vividata, “twenty percent of Canadian adults have used food delivery services” and this number continues to grow. Our appetite for delivery apps is strong and we are even hungrier for a tempting incentive. Delicious take-out is a click away and Canada’s largest food delivery network, SkipTheDishes, wants to add more value to your order while reducing food waste.

Of the 6.2 million Canadian adults using food delivery services, SkipTheDishes is the most popular and it’s easy to see why. The Do Good Deal allows restaurant owners to offer customers exciting end-of-day discounts on unsold menu items that may have otherwise gone to waste. From a restaurant perspective, chefs can manage inventory, push specials and take advantage of supplier offers by adding a surprise menu item made with surplus ingredients to their restaurant profile on SkipTheDishes during the last two hours of their operating day. The fresh new dish will appear within the SkipTheDishes app and website as a Do Good Deal menu item that customers can add to their order. On average, these menu items will be discounted by fifty percent or more, allowing customers to enjoy a delicious meal option at half the price of a typical entree.

The program has officially launched in Winnipeg and Vancouver with over fifty restaurants participating. Local Winnipeg favourites include Burrito Splendido, St. James Burger, Cilantro’s, Aladin’s Pizzeria & Shawarma Place, and Panda Tea while Vancouver eateries include Sal Y Limon, Arvind’s Curry & Cocktail, Megabite Pizza, Yummy Slice Pizza, and Ogenki Sushi Fusion.

There is a wide variety of cuisine types to choose from and customers are eating it up. SkipTheDishes also understands the impact foodservice has on the environment and has endeavored to include sustainability initiatives within their operations such as establishing partnerships with reusable packaging companies which provides restaurant partners with greener alternatives to single-use packaging.

Steve Puchala, Senior Vice President, Growth & Restaurant Success, SkipTheDishes tells Canada Takeout that, “for every order placed, customers will help to prevent an estimated 2.5 kilograms of CO2 emissions going into the environment.” This incentive is truly a win-win situation for restaurateurs and diners alike.

The pilot project has already received positive response from participants and SkipTheDishes plans to roll-out the program nation-wide. Further expansion to additional markets and restaurants across Canada is an ongoing goal for the year and beyond. Through its work with restaurant partners, SkipTheDishes looks forward to furthering its commitment to providing sustainable solutions and enhancing the customer experience.