SkipTheDishes Introduces an Award to Celebrate Women in the Food Industry

Despite the immense talent and passion of women in the culinary world, there has been a decline in the representation of women in leadership roles within the Canadian food industry. According to the State of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Canada, women-owned businesses made up 7.5 percent of the food services business in 2018 and only 7 percent in 2020. This trend not only deprives Canada’s culinary landscape of diverse perspectives but also hinders the advancement of gender equality in one of the most influential sectors of our society.

In an effort to pave the way for greater opportunities for women in Canada’s food industry, SkipTheDishes, Canada’s homegrown food delivery platform, has partnered with WXN to introduce a brand new category as part of their esteemed Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100™ Awards.

In its inaugural year, the SkipTheDishes Food Industry Award will recognize standout women from a diverse range of career paths, including chefs, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs. Through the initiative, Skip aims to celebrate Canadian women in leadership roles in the food industry and inspire others to pursue similar career paths.

“At Skip, we’re fortunate to connect and partner with exceptionally talented, hard-working women in the food industry who own and operate some of Canada’s most loved restaurants and franchises or lead entire kitchens as Head Chef. We’ve seen firsthand the passion, skill, and impact these women have and we’re excited to celebrate their achievements alongside all Canadians,” says Melanie Fatouros-Richardson, Vice President, Communications and Government Relations at SkipTheDishes. “I’m proud of the difference we’re making through this award to show young women what’s possible, while also helping to pave a future where there’s greater opportunities for women in leadership in the food industry.”

The SkipTheDishes Food Industry Award will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Career Accomplishments: How has the Nominee demonstrated excellence within their field? What professional achievements is the Nominee most proud of?
  • Vision and Leadership: How has the Nominee demonstrated strategic vision and leadership in her role and throughout her career?
  • Influence and Impact: How has the Nominee demonstrated her commitment to having a positive impact in her community and within the industry?
  • Changemaker: How is the Nominee acting as a role model for women in leadership roles in the food industry and beyond?

“WXN is delighted to partner with a proud Canadian organization like Skip as we boldly drive positive change, ensuring there are equal opportunities for women in the food industry, and create more opportunities for women in leadership,” says Sherri Stevens, Owner and CEO of WXN. “We are thrilled to open up Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100™ Awards to an entirely new category of women in leadership, and see incredible women of the food industry receive the recognition they truly deserve through the SkipTheDishes Food Industry Award.”

From now until May 14th, 2024 individuals and organizations on their behalf can submit an online nomination package designed to demonstrate noteworthy achievements and impact. To qualify, a Nominee must actively work within the food industry in Canada as a chef, restaurant owner, franchisee, food retailer, food entrepreneur or can be a small business owner/entrepreneur that provides a service that exclusively supports the food industry. Applications are now open through the WXN Awards portal, and interested applicants can find more information here.

WXN’s Top 100™ Awards Gala will recognize women across Canada and from diverse backgrounds who make an impactful difference in their companies and communities, including those who are being honoured with SkipTheDishes Food Industry Award. In addition, the WXN Top 100™  Award Winners will be invited to attend a VIP Cocktail, Champagne Brunch and Top 100 Gala event where they will have the opportunity to meet, learn from and connect with other Top 100 award winners and make lasting connections.