As an independent, self-governing farming organization, our partners at Egg Farmers of Ontario work together with similar egg marketing groups in every province to operate a national system that efficiently manages the Canadian egg supply. Egg farmers are a very proud part of the Ontario supply chain and they are working hard to ensure the health, safety and support of communities and their businesses, customers and consumers – like you!

Ensuring the highest quality of food, the safety of workers and, of course, care for the hens, Egg Farmers of Ontario is reinforcing programs in hygiene and biosecurity with extra measures and contingency plans so restaurants and customers can continue receiving fresh, healthy eggs, no matter what.

Just look on the sunny side of things. Eggs are such a comforting food! Low cost, high value and packed with protein – but versatile enough to be integrated into nearly any takeout dish you can think of. And if you’re a restaurateur, their nutritional integrity and visual appeal make for such an easy addition to even the most ‘gram-able’ menus.

At the end of the day, our egg farming friends would like to assure you that they will always have eggs available for your favourite restaurants no matter when they’re open (or re-opening!). Offering more than just the cartons, EFO promises to support your local foodservice operators with hope and free online resources to help restaurants help themselves to market their menus to their communities. Just look for the eggs on signage near you!

There are over 500 egg farm families in Ontario alone, delivering over 3.5 million eggs a year to Ontarians, but there’s only one you! Support them by supporting your local restaurants, order some takeout tonight. We’re all stronger than even the hardest eggshell when we work together!

To find some eggs-cellent takeout near you, visit our Restaurant Finder. Let’s Get Cracking!