Olympus Burger“#TakeoutDay has become one of our best days of the week! It is great to see people coming together and supporting our little restaurant through this!” (Port Hope, ON)
1st RND“We have seen success in re-launching as a takeout-based business, and the general brand awareness of Canada Takeout Day seems to be growing every week, which is definitely reflected in our sales!” (Edmonton, AB)
Marwan's Global Bistro“#TakeoutDay has given my business another strong day in the week for sales. The local community has embraced the idea and made an effort to support the movement. Thank you, Canada Takeout.” (Port Perry, ON)
The Bear's Den“We have become 100 % takeout which was an easy switch. Our dining area was quite small. #TakeoutDay has been awesome. Really enjoying the challenge of it and bringing something different to the table.” (Chipman, NB)
“Our restaurant is only alive because we were able to pivot to a takeout/delivery model. People are being so supportive by coming in and grabbing their food/beverages to go via takeout.

Our community really is coming together for local, and Canada Takeout Day has really helped encourage that. The very first Canada Takeout Day saw an uptick of around 75% in sales over the previous Wednesday! The only explanation was the advertising and promotion around #TakeoutDay.” (Calgary, AB)

Timber House Resort“Wednesdays and weekends seem to be the busiest, we do believe #TakeoutDay is helping promote our business and sales! Thank you!” (Brighton, ON)
Agra Tandoori Restaurant“Dear Canada Takeout Team,

Launching this initiative of #TakeoutDay really makes us as an industry feel supported. This trend of supporting restaurants during this difficult time has helped us significantly in being able to support our staff, community and customers.

Thank you for the work you do, we truly appreciate it!” (Burnaby, BC)

Tony's Master of Pizza“Business is booming on Wednesdays!” (Winnipeg, MB)
Stack Restaurant“Our neighbourhood at Yonge & Lawrence has continued to support us during these difficult times and we are so thankful to all of them!

We have also received orders from our fellow Yonge St. business owners, so many of our valued suppliers and a number of guests who have driven in from places such as Alliston & Whitby!

The #TakeoutDay initiative certainly saw an increase in our Wednesday sales and that has helped us get our weeks off to a running start. Thank you to all for the support!” (Toronto, ON)

Havana Vancouver“The #TakeoutDay movement has really helped us get our message out there and share our business with more people. Thank you for the support!” (Vancouver, BC)
The River, New Brunswick“#TakeoutDay has been a great way to engage our patrons and boost sales during a time of limited operations. We’ve been offering Wing Night specials each Wednesday. The first week, we ended up with what we called the “Wing-pocalypse” because orders came in so fast that we completely sold out of wings in under 90 minutes!” (Woodstock, NB)
Pasto's Grill“Thank you for helping us spread the word. We have been able to bring back additional staff a little at a time.” (London, ON)
Hadrien Verrier Patisserie“#TakeoutDay has a larger following and we are a small business who is surviving during COVID-19 with a reduced staff. We appreciate these kinds of initiatives as they help small businesses like us.” (Toronto, ON)
Alimo's Pizzeria“We’ve seen Wednesdays really turn in to another Friday. More orders, bigger tips and a lot of positive feedback. We do weekly ‘TAKEOUTDAY’ promo codes, and also had a free drive-in concert in front of our pizzeria, encouraging people to order takeout and enjoy the free show while waiting.” (Slave Lake, AB)
Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel“Thank you for your support. #TakeoutDay allows us to connect with our audiences and engage takeout or delivery services.”
(Vancouver, BC)
Aaltos Logo“Takeout is essential to all food and beverage establishments at all times, and never moreso than now. Having #TakeoutDay gives us and all restaurants the ability to band together under one umbrella to get the support message out to the masses.” (Winnipeg, MB)
“We are so thankful for the support of the #TakeoutDay community. The movement has really helped us get our message out there and share our business with more people. Thank you!”
(Vancouver, BC)
1st RND“#TakeoutDay is huge for spreading awareness in our community about the need to support local business and keeping the hospitality industry alive during these unusual times, so that we are all able to re-open our dining rooms in the future and continue supporting our community!” (Edmonton, AB)
“4 weeks ago, like all our restaurant friends, we closed our doors and said goodbye to all of our employees. Ownership stayed on and worked around the clock to pivot into a new-to-us model of business. Last week, because of your support, we hired back 8 members of our kitchen team.” (Vancouver, BC)
Liberty Commons“Thank you to everyone for your incredible support yesterday for Canada #TakeoutDay. Every order, comment and message lifted out spirits and showed us how incredible our community is.”
(Toronto, ON)
The Waupoos Pub Market & Eatery“WOW!!! What a night in Waupoos!! Countless phone calls and messages (sorry if we missed you) for takeout last night! We sold out!!!! It’s a reminder of how a small community like ours can come together, support one another and social distance respectfully.”
(Prince Edward County, ON)
“It was great! Both of my locations made about the same as during non-COVID times.” (Mississauga, ON)

“We had a great day. Thank you so much for starting this national initiative. The increased business from this initiative helped us make rent this month.” (Vancouver, BC)
“Thank you so much for this movement – we are working so hard to stay open and every bit helps!”
(Toronto, ON)

Habaneros Mexican Grill“Sales were double from the previous Wednesday. Some customers did say #TakeoutDay influenced them to order.”
(Leduc, AB)
“Turnout was really great on Wednesday at our location! Looking forward to next week. Great initiative!”
(Belleville, ON)
“Wednesdays have always been fairly busy for us, but this past Wednesday was crazy busy. it was amazing and many people spoke of the fact it was #TakeoutDay.” (Peace River, AB)
“Great response and support from the community. Wonderful that so many people were aware of the initiative.” (Vancouver, BC)
“Business is up! Thank you.”
(Milton, ON)
“It was much more than anticipated. We were astonished at the media pick up and response to it.”
(Multiple Locations, ON)
“Appreciate the initiative – turnout was amazing! Our customers are always good to us, this is just a great way of still being there for them.” (Edson, AB)
“(#TakeoutDay is) helping us sustain and keep our presence in the community.”
(Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON)
“Seeing a lift in sales mid-week. Great momentum that continues until the end of the week.”
(Mississauga, ON)

“#TakeoutDay is helping raise awareness to local businesses, restaurant owners, franchisees, and small business owners who need our help and support during these times. On behalf of our local franchisees and small business owners, thank you!”
(Multiple Locations, CAN)
“Wednesday has now become one of our busiest days of the week!”
(Oakville, ON)
“#TakeoutDay has not only helped our business on Wednesdays, as our takeout sales have increased, but it has brought awareness to the community that restaurants are open and ready for your orders. It has been a great initiative, with great community support!”
(Langley, BC)