What exactly is Tex Mex, you ask? Tex Mex is a combination of southern US flavours and favourites with authentic Mexican ingredients; originally inspired by the Tejano population in Texas.

Tex Mex meals can be simple or complex and often consist of beef, chicken, pork, shredded cheese, peppers, spices and beans. Jalapenos, nachos and tortillas are a top 3.

When you’re out picking up Tex Mex for your Takeout Day, be sure to ask the restaurant if they can add Pace Chunky Salsa or Picante Sauce. These gotta-have flavours combine hand-picked jalapenos and chunky, crispy onion for a delicious kick to your favourite Tex Mex.

Can’t decide where to eat? Here are 10 restaurants across Canada offering Tex Mex to get you started.

Quesada Burritos & Tacos (St. John’s, NL + Multiple Canadian Locations)

Known for celebrating “The Joy of Mex,” Quesada wants you to forget everything you think you know about burritos and bite into their many offerings, complete with house-made salsa and hand-mashed guac.

Fill yours today with ancho pork, chile lime fish, roasted veggies, beyond meat, beef barbacoa and more.

Burrito bowls, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, tortilla salads and sides are also available.

For a Quesada nearest you, click here. @quesadaburritos

Taco Boyz (Charlottetown & West Royalty, PE)

Much more Mex than Tex, Taco Boyz offer fresh Mexican food fast while using locally-sourced ingredients and authentic recipes.

Try their Burritos, or Burrito Bowls, with pork, chicken, ground beef, steak, fish, shrimp, veggies or try a Surf n Turf style.

For a Taco Boyz nearest you, click here. @tacoboyzinc

Mexi’s Halifax (Halifax, NS + Multiple Canadian Locations)

Taking Northern Mexican flavour a little more west of Texas, Mexicali Rosas, aka Mexi’s, creates California style Mexican food, and the results are amazing.

Turn your favourite chicken, steak, chorizo or beef burrito into a baked chimichanga or indulge in their mouth-watering Cheesecake Chimichanga!

For a Mexi’s nearest you, click here. @mexis_hfx

Photo Credit: @foodieknights

Toro Taco (Saint John, NB)

Located in Saint John’s Market Square, Toro Taco offers fast, fresh food from Top Chef Canada’s Jesse Vergen (also of Saint John Alehouse, Smoking Pig BBQ).

Enjoy their range of tacos, burritos, toro bowls, nachos and ensaladas with hot protein options like smoky pork carnitas, local taco beef, roasted sweet potatoes and ancho chicken.

Kid’s tacos with a juice are also available for $6.

1 Market Square, Saint John, NB E2L 4Z6

Resto Tex Mex (Montreal, QC)

Craving Tex Mex in MTL? Open since 2003, Resto Tex Mex has you covered.

Order their Fajitas a La Noche with beef, chicken (or both!) plus peppers, caramelized onions, cheese, lettuce, sour cream and their special house sauce.

Sol, Dos Equis and Tacate beer add-ons are also available.

2212 Rue St-Germain, Montreal, QC, H1W 2T7.

Sneaky Dee’s (Toronto, ON)

If you ever bring up Toronto and nachos, Sneaky Dee’s is always a conversation contender, and for good reason!

Using all local ingredients (except the imported ripe avocados and tomatoes), Sneaky Dee’s offers full Tex Mex dinners plus their famous nachos, like the Death From Above 1979-inspired DFA Nachos. DFA Nachos come loaded with salsa roja, pulled pork, melted cheese, guac, black beans, habaneros, jalapenos, green onions, sliced avocado and a whole habanero pepper.

431 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1. @thesneakydees

Carlos & Murphy’s (Winnipeg, MB)

A more upscale Tex Mex option found in Winnipeg’s Osborne neighbourhood, Carlos & Murphy’s tries to create a Mexican resort dining experience all year round, and succeed.

Bite into Carlos’ Wings, available in a hot pepper sauce, or hotter by request.

Another top choice? Their Chili Burger, served open-faced and topped with their own house-made chili.

129 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Y4.

Humpty’s (Multiple SK + Canadian Locations)

A full-service family restaurant, also offering takeout, Humpty’s is an approachable option for meals at home with loved ones and kids.

For the adults, order the Spicy C&S Chipotle Burger, made with a charbroiled chicken breast, spicy jalapenos, chipotle sauce and crisp shrimp.

Don’t forget to try the Original Pan-Scrambler as a side with its scrambled eggs, veggies, meats and signature cheese sauce, served with Texas Toast.

For a Humpty’s nearest you, click here.

Chili’s Grill & Bar (Calgary, AB + Multiple Canadian Locations)

Another family-friendly Tex Mex hotspot, there’s something for everyone at your local Chili’s.

Build your own Ultimate Smokehouse Combo, complete with choices like jalapeno-smoked sausage, chicken crispers, cheesy bacon BBQ chicken or baby back ribs. This combo is served with roasted street corn, chile garlic toast, garlic dill pickles and fries.

For a Chili’s nearest you, click here.

Kelly O’Bryan’s / Carlos O’Bryan’s (Multiple BC Locations)

The name and atmosphere may be Irish, but the menus at Kelly and Carlos O’Bryan’s are packed with Tex Mex inspo.

From Tuna Tacos to their Flatbreads and Quesadillas, Extreme Pachos to their Taco Salad, you just gotta taste for yourself!

For a Kelly or Carlos O’Bryan’s nearest you, click here.

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