10 Ontario Black-Owned Restaurants You Can Get Takeout From During ByBlacks Restaurant Week

The Fall Edition of ByBlacks Restaurant Week (BRW) brings you ten local Black-owned restaurants with delicious meals and fiery food passions. Courtesy of ByBlacks.com, Canada’s renowned online magazine for Black Canadians, BRW is a celebratory week supporting Black-owned restaurants, chefs, and caterers across Canada.

From November 15 to 21, you can support and eat locally at a reasonable price. Exclusive prix fixe menus are on the table and include an appetizer, entree, and dessert within $16 to $32 CDN.

Sugarkane (Toronto, ON)

Sugarkane is a Caribbean and Cajun restaurant and catering service. Founded on family and food and the fun dynamic these sisters bring to the table, Sugarkane originally started as dishes for friends & family before turning into a full-blown restaurant and catering service.

With Caribbean tropical flavours and the spicy kick Cajun has to offer, Sugarkane not only provides great food but a great environment of laughter, music and Caribbean culture.

Address: 699 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON. @sugarkanerestaurant

Baccanalle (Ottawa, ON)

Founder of Bacanalle, award-winning chef Resa Solomon-St.Lewis provides well-rounded services in meal kits, catering, artisan foods, and gifts. The origin of the restaurant’s name is explained as a play on the word “Bacchanale,” which means wild celebration in the Caribbean. Bacanalle started in its local community of Ottawa’s Beechwood Market and has gradually grown and reached a wider audience.

You can grab Bacanalle’s gifts which include Caribbean sauces, spices, and teas and create your own wild celebration from the comfort of your home. In addition, recipe tips are given to guide you and ensure that you are making the most out of your food experience!

Address: 595 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON. @baccanalle

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Carib 21 (Toronto, ON)

In the heart of Eglinton West, also known as “Little Jamaica,” Carib 21 is connecting us to our roots. With meals like curry goat, macaroni slice pie and jerk shrimp, this food brings comfort to the heart.

Whether you’re familiar with Caribbean cuisine or not, these meals simultaneously bridge together a learning and eating experience that’s just too special to pass on. Carib 21 reflects the complexity of flavours but with a simple finish–something to appreciate.

Address: 2039 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON @carib_21

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Celebrity Pure Vegetarian (Toronto, ON)

A part of the Little Jamaica community, Celebrity Pure Vegetarian is a healthy and delicious option, especially for vegetarians or vegans. Celebrity Pure Vegetarian showcases the natural and authentic flavours of the Caribbean and gives customers countless reasons to come back.

The chef behind the flavours, Sherlock, offers a healthy breakfast you can grab on the go, juices and smoothies that are freshly squeezed and homemade, and colourful plates filled with a little bit of everything.

Address: 1474 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON. @celebritypureveggie

Cuisine By Noel (Toronto, ON)

Chef Noel Cunningham is the founder of Cuisine by Noel, a recent spot that serves Caribbean fusion meals. Voted Best Black Chef in 2020 by ByBlacks People’s Choice Awards, Noel’s food creations range from peppered shrimp pasta to coconut fried chicken on a waffle.

Fusion is spotlighted with dishes like oxtail arancini and ackee and saltfish spring rolls. It’s visible that Noel treats the space he’s carved out for himself as a playground, and it’s more exciting when you taste this fun.

Address: 300 College Street (Inside Freeplay), Toronto, ON. @cuisinebynoel

GC Jerk Express (Halton Hills, ON)

GC Jerk Express serves Caribbean dishes on wheels. Founded by Chef Collin Williams, this mobile food service includes two food trucks (one coming soon), a designated kitchen, and an established catering service. GC Jerk Express is providing accessibility to Caribbean cuisine while expanding its reach. They serve traditional Jamaican comfort meals at affordable rates.
There’s never a better time to try jerk fusions with specialization in jerk-flavoured items such as jerk chicken poutine, jerk wings, jerk chicken roti, and more.

Address: 13850 Steeles Ave, Halton Hills, ON @gcjerkxpress

Judy's Island Grill (Toronto, ON)

With three established locations in the United States and one in Toronto along Eglinton West, Judy’s Island Grill and its growth speak for itself. Judy’s Island Grill is a family-owned and operated business with a mission to spread love through a passion for food.

They also offer catering, and their menu is versatile, offering everything from jerk pork to jerk salmon alfredo. Their tropical juices will surface vacation mode and bring you sorrel, mangoade, and cucumber lime–just not on a silver platter.

Address: 1720 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON.@judys_island_grill

Mob Seafood and Tings (Scarborough, ON)

Mob Seafood and Tings is a food truck that brings you a mesh of seafood and Jamaican heritage. Mob Seafood and Tings developed into a visible idea that you can see and eat, initially what started with a casual conversation.

With creative dishes that change how we see Caribbean cuisine, Mob Seafood is testing the waters and succeeding. They offer Ackee and Saltfish Plantain cups, MOB popcorn shrimp poutine, and various seafood boils.

Address: Food Truck at Scarborough Town Centre, 300 Borough Drive, Scarborough, ON. @mob_seafood

Reggae Cafe Toronto (Toronto, ON)

Reggae Cafe gives us a delicious dose of Caribbean cuisine and style. Their seafood options include fried fish, pan-seared salmon, and seafood boils.

In addition, they have a tasty vegan lasagna option and pasta dishes like Caribbean-style pasta and baked macaroni. Reggae Cafe is your one-stop shop for all hours of the day, as breakfast, lunch and dinner options are readily available!

Address: 1653 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON. @reggaecafeseafood

Jus Convenience Jerk Stop (Whitby, ON)

Jus Convenience Jerk Stop is your go-to option for Jamaican home-style cooking–dependable and delicious.

Inclusive of vegans, Jus Convenience offers jerk jackfruit sandwiches and wraps, quinoa salad, vegetarian stir fry, rasta pasta, and vegan patties. Other tasty menu options include pepper shrimp, goat soup, fried fish, jerk pork and more.

Address:1910 Dundas St East, Whitby, ON @jusconveniencejerk