8 Restaurants Across Canada Offering Tasty Potato Dishes

This Wednesday, October 27th, Canada Takeout celebrates National Potato Day, and who can resist these most delicious vegetables?

We’ve rounded up 8 restaurants across Canada who’ve put potatoes at the centre of the plate in tasty takeout fashion.

Uncle Fatih’s Pizza (Vancouver, BC)

Serving “the taste you can enjoy every day,” there are options galore at Uncle Fatih’s pizza, but one pie is the potato king.

Order the Roasted Potato Pizza, a vegetarian-friendly option that’s topped with green peppers, onions, potatoes, red peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Address: 638 Abbott Street (+ 8 additional locations), Vancouver, BC. @unclefatih

Dragon’s Lair Burger Co. (Calgary, AB)

Known for their amazing burgers, the Lair has a special potato dish ready for all who enter.

Indulge in the Sweet Potato Poutine, made with sweet potato fries, Quebec cheese curds, gravy. A gluten-free version is available as well.

Sweet Potato Fries, with chipotle mayo, are also available as a separate dish.

Address: 1200 37th Street SW, Calgary, AB. @dragonslairyyc

Lavva Kitchen + Bar (Saskatoon, SK)

Home to “meticulously cultivated cocktails and delectable dining,” Lavva Kitchen and Bar has created a heaven on earth dish with their potatoes.

Treat yourself to their Bacon Baked Potato Skins, made crisp with seasoned cream cheese, bacon bits, green onions, and a blend of cheese.

Address: 1013 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon, SK. @thelavvabar

RnR Family Restaurant (Winnipeg, MB)

You can always count on family restaurants to have a great variety, and RnR is no exception.

Current potato offerings include Kettle Chips with French Onion Dip, Cubed Breakfast Potatoes, Red Skin Mashed Potatoes and our favourite, Potato Pancakes, served with apple sauce or sour cream plus sausage or thick cut bacon.

Address: 2675 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB. @rnrfamilyrestaurant

Pigot's Burger Club (Toronto, ON)

If you’re a potato lover in Toronto, we’ve found your next guilty pleasure.

Enter Chef Pigot’s Dirty Tots, smothered in Pigot’s secret Sauce, ‘Merican cheese sauce, brown sugar onions, tomato and jalapeno.

Address: 1 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON (+ Calgary location). @pigotsburgerclub

Copper Branch (Ottawa, ON)

A whole foods, plant-based food heaven for takeout lovers, Copper Branch has the perfect potato dish for your tastebuds.

Stick your fork in their Sweet Potato Poutine, featuring yummy sweet potato cubes instead of fries, plus mushroom gravy and creamy mozzarella-style shreds.

Address: 350 Albert St, Ottawa, ON. @copperbranch

Patate au Four (Montreal, QC)

Montreal’s potato specialists, Patate au Four offer so many spuds with a wide range of meat and veggie toppings.

Current kumpir potato takeout includes Basic, Bacon, Cheese, Broccoli, Roasted Chicken, Mediterranean, Turco, Vegetarian, The Montrealer and more.

Address: 1350 Rue Ontario E, Montreal, QC. @patate_au_four21

Freeman’s Little New York (Halifax, NS)

Spending Potato Day on the east coast? Pop into Freeman’s Little New York!

There, you’ll uncover the Sweet Potato Veggie Burger, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, curry mayo plus sweet potato and black bean patties. Served with sweet chili Thai sauce on the side.

Address: 6092 Quinpool Road (+ 3 additional locations), Halifax, NS. @freemanslittlenewyork