Barventory Launches Inventory Management System for Bars & Restaurants

Barventory has launched an affordable and reliable solution for all liquor and beer management. After 5 tears in development, they are excited to provide bars and restaurants with a suite of inventory management products and technologies that allow for accurate readings at the touch of a button, updated 24-7-365.

The patent pending system includes solutions for kegs and free pour liquor bottles. Keg Scales, Bar Top Scales, and the Smart Coaster Pro, all tied to wireless systems, integrate with the Barventory app to allow users to weigh bottles on a minute-by-minute basis, feeding into the users’ inventory management system.

Barventory has successfully launched all three products in a measured, conservative fashion with select customers across North America to ensure the systems are ready for broad distribution. With over 100 locations successfully online with Barventory, the company is ready to offer bar & restaurants solutions to customers around the globe.

“Barventory is the only product that can add 20% to the bottom-line liquor & beer profits, without adding cost, inventory or even customers,” says CEO John Fazari. “If you want to improve your profits, and reduce the time spent weighing bottles and kegs, Barventory is happy to work with you to select the products that best fit your organization.”

For more information, visit To learn more about the new inventory management system, watch their product video.