Neighbourhood Coffee Launches Fully Biodegradable Coffee Pods

Toronto coffee brand, Neighbourhood Coffee Company, has launched the first fully compostable, single-serve coffee pods in Canada. Crafted entirely with plant-based materials, Neighbourhood Coffee’s biodegradable pods are compatible with all Keurig single-serve coffee machine models.

“With sustainability always top of mind at Neighbourhood Coffee, we’re charting a green path forward and are thrilled to be the first roaster in Canada to offer 100% biodegradable (Keurig compatible) coffee pods that break down in a matter of weeks versus the hundreds of years required for plastic capsules,” said Karen Hales, Co-Founder and CEO of Neighbourhood Coffee. “This is a proud milestone for our small, local business. By making our small-batch, premium coffee available in compostable K-cups, we are marrying innovation with sustainability while still delivering the vibrant micro-roasted flavours Neighbourhood Coffee is known for.”

Neighbourhood Coffee’s pods are developed and fulfilled by Nexe Innovations and are Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified. The plant-based pods take as little as 17 to 25 days to break down in industrial composting and hold up to 15% more coffee per pod than traditional plastic options. The eco-friendly capsules are currently available in two of the company’s most popular flavours: Medium-Dark Roast Signature Blend and Annex Artisanal Espresso Roast, retailing for $15.99 per box of 12.

All Neighbourhood Coffee’s products are available for purchase and delivery on its website at as well as in select retailers across Toronto.