Brizo Food Metrics Using Data-Driven Approach To Restaurant Tech Sales

Knowledge is power and this drives important decisions we make in our foodservice operations. Now, the precursor to that knowledge is data analytics and that’s where Brizo Foodmetrics comes in.

The folks at Brizo Foodmetrics know that in order to squash your competition, you will need foodservice market analytics. It’s this analysis that will produce actionable, data-rich insights about the foodservice market to prequalify markets, reduce customer acquisition costs and close more deals. If you are looking to satisfy your craving for growth with an insight-driven data platform designed for hungry restaurant and foodservice suppliers, then look no further.

The powerful intelligence at Brizo Foodmetrics has married all the ingredients to create a fusion of foodservice data and contacts that taps into over 1.2 million Foodservice establishments spanning over 11 Billion Menu Items and 800K+ exportable verified contacts, 500+ Technology stack details, 60+ Ambiance & amenity filters and 40-plus marketplace & review sites.

This wealth of data can now be analyzed to help operators quickly and easily discover
new markets and find untapped opportunities with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before. This then allows them to extend their reach with a targeted, real-time understanding of today’s restaurant landscape.

Bbot, Toast, EZcater, TouchBistro, MarketMan and a host of clients trust Brizo FoodMetrics to innovate, grow and scale their business. How do they do it?

  • Sales Intelligence – Enrich your CRM and increase your pipeline growth and conversion rates.
  • Competitive Intelligence – Understand disruptors. Discover and analyze new and existing competitors.
  • Marketing Intelligence – Optimize campaigns and identify new markets and prospects.

“With Brizo FoodMetrics, we can identify and segment customers based on business needs and consumer insights, allowing us to create custom data backed campaigns.” says the Global Development Team at Flipdish

An intelligence platform with unrivaled depth, accuracy, and freshness!

Get started for free at and get a demo of the platform in action. Brizo offers custom plans designed specifically for your team. Get the right tools for the job, identify what other restaurant operators are missing – and sell to them first!