Must Try Canadian Hot Sauce Brands

Despite our cold climate, Canadians like it hot. Hot and spicy that is. We have rounded up some Canadian restaurants and brands making eye-watering, nose-tingling hot sauces.

Spice lovers, grab a bottle, and spice up your takeout on the go!

Pepper North’s Stargazer hot sauce, made with Scotch Bonnets and Ghost Peppers, burns so good it made it onto Hot Ones season 11 as the #7 sauce. Pepper North is a family-owned operation, crafting their own delicious sauces from their hometown of Oshawa, Ontario since 2013.

Maritime Madness is brewing up an impressive selection of sauces from Prince Edward Island. Their FireCandy series is a fun twist on your traditional hot sauce experience, leveraging candied ingredients for a blend of sweet and spicy that will add dimension to any dish. They even recommend trying it on ice cream!

Mado’s makes one signature sauce. No muss, no fuss – their one sauce is so good that it stands alone in their product lineup. It has a fun origin story. It was once made in small batches by hand in one woman’s Ajax apartment, until a local bar owner who would buy the sauce by the bucket to meet her customers’ enthusiastic demand, bought the rights to the sauce. That bar owner, Erin, now makes the legendary Toronto sweet-with-heat hot sauce with her husband.


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Priding themselves in producing sauce that is as natural as it gets, Heartbeat ferments peppers using traditional methods before mixing them with just a few high-quality ingredients. This Thunder Bay hot sauce company can really turn up the heat – their sauces burn so good that they’ve been featured on Hot Ones numerous times. Their camp sauce is a perfect 5 out of 10 on the heat scale and created with camping classics, like breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, and fresh caught fish, in mind.

What’s extra special about Domaine Brittania Mills is – not only do they produce phenomenal hot sauces – but they grow their own peppers too. Try La Déraillée – this sauce blends a creamy texture with an extreme kick for a uniquely spicy experience.

Run by the Dawson family out of Hamilton, Ontario, Dawson’s is crafting fine hot sauces that balance heat and flavour. Their Garlic Jalapeño sauce blends roasted garlic with fresh jalapeños to kick up the flavour of your dish with just the right amount of heat.

The boys behind Bow Valley BBQ from Canmore, Alberta bring deep culinary expertise to their saucy craft, and it shows. With over 50 international awards under their belt, these hot sauces bring the heat. Their take on the classics, like Winged Buffalo, Killa Ketchup, and Big Foot BBQ, will take your backyard BBQ to the next level.


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Hatari Bros was born out of the creator, Sam Shivji’s, long standing love affair with hot sauce. Growing up in Africa, he saw chili peppers growing wild and hot sauce on the table accompanying every meal. You may already be familiar with some of the brand’s most popular products, like Alberta Crude and Acid Rain, but next time you’re looking to spice up a meal try Sam’s personal fave, Grandma Shivji’s Red Habanero.


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