Door to Door Series: ZipLunch

Ziplunch offers Torontonians an innovative takeout solution to a mundane question: What’s for lunch?

Written by Joel Solish

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, the problem of what to eat for lunch is a familiar scenario for many busy professionals. ZipLunch posts curated daily lunch and dinner menus from local restaurants and delivers meals straight to your condo or office building at lunch or dinner time with no delivery fee. Ziplunch’s carefully curated selection of daily menu items aims to alleviate choice overload and simplify the ordering process during a busy workday

Founder Majdi Al Nabih created ZipLunch not only to simplify meal ordering for your colleagues or team meetings, but also to help local restaurants fulfill takeout orders efficiently. While some meal ordering platforms can hinder local businesses with fees and the pressure of having to fulfill individual orders one at a time, pooling orders helps the restaurant to better service you, the customer.

Ziplunch focuses on a selection of restaurants that are independently owned, are able to prepare your food hot and fresh, and are able to cater to the needs and dietary restrictions of your crowd. Their delivery model uses delivery zones across Toronto, sending only one driver to each zone, which reduces potential CO2 emissions by 98% – so their delivery model is beneficial for the environment, helps local restaurants, and is convenient for you!

“We are always looking at ways to expand our daily offerings in order to improve the lives of our customers and partners”, Majdi told us when we spoke, “whether that is offering a subscription to help reduce costs even more, adding a breakfast window, or even offering our services to more corporate events. We are constantly evaluating the current business and finding ways to improve thanks to our loyal customers and partners and the feedback we receive.”

ZipLunch has big plans for the future, but we have been sworn to secrecy. For now, we’ll share this teaser with you from Majdi: “In the very near future, through ZipLunch, you will be able to get some of the best dishes from the best restaurants around the globe delivered to you no matter where you live or work”.

Be sure to follow them on social @zip.lunch to stay up to date with what they have coming down the pipe.

Don’t know what to eat for lunch? Simplify your meal ordering by signing up for ZipLunch today