Door to Table Series: Salt Gourmet

Written by Joel Solish

A lot of us are inclined towards convenience, it is likely why you are here reading this article. We have all gotten used to the ease and comfort of online shopping, and now our meals fall easily into this category with a multitude of options out there when ordering food digitally. From our groceries to prepared foods, you can really have it all at the click of a mouse or trackpad.

Enter Salt Gourmet Foods’ Restaurant at Home Program, to make those weeknight meals more tasty, convenient, and easy to clean up.

Salt’s founder Alex Agnoluzzi sat down with me to chat about this program when he dropped off some beautiful convenience meals for me to try (all of which were delicious!). The mostly premium Italian offerings see the pizza from Mercatto (with a very popular gluten-free version available) and Lasagne from Fusaro’s leading the charge in sales, but the options are vast with something to please everyone in the family that can easily be on the table in a decent amount of time. There are even some fantastic heat and serve BBQ options available to curate your own beautiful platter at home, thanks to Carbon Bar, and sausages from Wurst. That is my kind of summer eating!

When speaking about the program Alex told me “although there are some (other) very good local companies out there, our goal was to make it as easy as possible for the consumer. No assembly or preparation is required. Simply heat, serve and enjoy a quality meal!” and he did not lie. Job well done.

It’s summer, so it is time to spend time outside and enjoy al fresco meals with friends and family!