DoorDash Canada Announces New Partnership Plans

DoorDash Canada has announced a trio of new Partnership Plans aimed at better supporting restaurant partners nationwide. 

As of December 6th, 2022, Canadian local restaurant owners can now choose between three different plans, with variable commission rates based on the inclusion of services provided. 

According to Door Dash, the industry-leading Partnership Plans were first launched in the US by DoorDash and are intended to provide flexible solutions to suit a restaurant’s needs.

Additionally, all plans will include DoorDash Storefront, an Online Ordering Software, that enables any restaurant to turn their website into an ecommerce store. 


General Manager of DoorDash Canada, Shilpa Arora said, “Over the past year, we’ve introduced offerings to help restaurants define their own futures. Today, we are changing how we do business to provide more choices, and better choices, for restaurants. We hope that with our new flexible plans and increased digital marketing services, restaurants will continue to accelerate into the future and grow.” 

Here’s a look at the three different Partnership Plans: 

DoorDash Basic (20%)

  • The Basic plan is the most cost-effective way for restaurants to partner with DoorDash and offer reliable delivery and pickup to customers. 
  • This plan offers delivery commission at 20%, and reduced pickup commission at 10%. 
  • Restaurants can opt into additional in-app marketing programs as desired to reach more customers. 

DoorDash Plus (25%)

  • The Plus plan offers restaurant partners delivery commission at 25%, and reduced pickup commission at 8%. With this plan restaurants can reach more consumers with an expanded delivery area to increase sales. 
  • This plan offers restaurant owners reliable and fast delivery, access to high value customers, and an extended delivery area. 
  • This plan also lets restaurant partners access DashPass by paying an extra 2% on top, helping them reach DoorDash’s most loyal and frequent customers. 
  • The Plus plan also offers restaurants exclusive early access to new products and features. 

DoorDash Premier (29%)

  • The Premier plan offers delivery commission at 29%, and reduced pickup commission at 8%. This plan is best suited for Merchants who are looking for maximum reach and to maximize sales opportunities on the DoorDash platform. 
  • This comprehensive plan offers restaurant partners access to added benefits like a larger delivery area and a $50 monthly marketing rebate if they spend $100 CAD or more on marketing every month. 
  • The Premier package also offers access to DashPass at no additional cost, helping restaurants reach DoorDash’s most loyal and frequent customers as part of DashPass. Restaurant owners with Premier will also receive exclusive early access to new products and features. 

Visit the DoorDash website for more information on all three Partnership Plans and their benefits.