Top Takeout Trends for 2022 – Unpacking Uber Canada’s 2022 Cravings Report

You’ve got great taste, Canada! 

So says Uber Canada in its 2022 Cravings Report. 

In its fourth edition, Uber highlights takeout trends, including the most popular, most unique, and even some of the more peculiar delivery requests received from Canadians this year. As 2022 comes to a close, Canada Takeout takes a deep dive into the report to see how diners across Canada like their takeaway fare. 


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Itadakimasu! - Japanese cuisine takes top takeout spot!

That’s Japanese for “Let us Eat!”.  According to the report, Japanese ranked #1 as the top takeout cuisine in Canada, followed by Indian, Chinese and then western favorites Pizza and Burgers. 

West Coast says thanks with their tips!

Canadians across the country let their wallets do the thanking, with generous tipping observed nationwide – some provinces more than others. The highest tip outs came from Victoria, BC.

Sherbrooke and Quebec Cit, QC held the second and third place spots, while Halifax bottomed out the top ten. Toronto penny-pinchers failed to make the list. 

Who's the healthiest of them all?

When it comes to eating healthy at home, Thunder Bay, Ontario was ranked 1st in ordering the most “healthy food” (based on restaurants labelled “healthy” in the app. Montreal and Halifax came 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

Ontario diners mind their manners

Ontarians may not tip big, but they are big on behavior! According to the report, the politest cities (based on who says please, thank you and merci the most on their orders) were Kingston, Ottawa, Peterborough and London. 

Picking on the pickiest pickers

Canada’s biggest metropolitan city, Toronto takes the crown for the pickiest city in Canada (based on who has the most special instructions on their orders). Torontonians most requested “hot sauce on the side”, Vancouver diners preferred “no green onion”, while Montreal Uber Eaters ordered “extra sauce svp” (at least they said please). 

Balling out on Burgers!

Not moving away from the last three locations, the most expensive Uber Eats in 2022 was a beefy $1,048.01 bill from a Toronto burger joint! Second was a whopping $1,039.01 order from a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. Over in Montreal, one patron ordered $893.54 from a cheese shop and baker. That’s a whole lot of cheddar! 

Some other Statistics on the Side

Yes, we’d like fries with that shake! The top requested sides were Fries, Nuggets, Poutine, Dipping sauce and Miso Soup. 

Folks got “turnt-up” at home too! The most popular alcoholic drink orders were Margaritas, Beer, Pina colada, Cider and Sangria. 

The most popular grocery items delivered were Bananas, Strawberries, Cucumbers, Milk and Eggs. 

The most popular convenience items were Slushie, Pop, Candy, Chocolate and Energy drinks. (As if Uber Eats isn’t convenient enough!) 

According to Uber Canada, the most popular day of the month for takeout was the 14th, and the most popular time where food cravings really peaked was at 6PM.