Earls Offers Customers a Zero Waste Takeout Container Option

Earls Restaurant Group, a premium restaurant chain with 68 locations across North America, has just launched a new partnership with Reusables.com.

Reusables.com offers food businesses a tech-enabled container sharing platform that helps to cut down on the use of single use plastics by facilitating wash-and-reuse packaging as a service.

“At Earls, we are committed to supporting the environment and sustainability movement, and
are excited to pilot Reusables and give our customers more options to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics,” said Kristin Vekteris, Chief Brand Officer at Earls Restaurant Group. “It even goes beyond sustainability because the food stays warm and travels better in their stainless steel bowls.”

Earls takeout customers will now have the option to request reusable takeout packaging on pickup and delivery orders through Doordash, Earls’ exclusive delivery partner. Those customers would receive their orders in stainless steel containers that can be used, returned, sanitized, and reused – all managed through Reusables’ user-friendly app.

As governments and businesses around the world continue moving away from single-use plastics and towards a more circular economy, Reusables is on a mission to make the most sustainable form of packaging a part of our everyday life.

For a limited time, Earls is offering customers a FREE 6 month membership to Reusables using their exclusive promo code EARLS2022.