Balzac’s Coffee Roasters Expands in Partnership with Acosta Canada

Proudly Canadian specialty coffee roasters, Balzac’s, are scaling up their brand presence in retail stores across Canada by partnering up with Acosta, a leading Canadian retail broker.

Balzac’s has a network of popular cafés across Ontario, direct to consumer operations, and a rapidly expanding consumer packaged goods business.


Acosta will act as an extended sales arm utilizing their extensive reach and customer insights to accelerate Balzac’s brand presence nationally.

“As we look forward to embarking further on our growth journey, we couldn’t think of a better sales team than the experts at Acosta to help foster our expansion,” says Sonya Aquilina, Vice President of Sales at Balzac’s. “Acosta has the experience and the resources we trust will make our national growth vision a reality while we become even more customer and consumer centric.”

Keep an eye on retail shelves across Canada to enjoy Balzac’s sustainably sourced and roasted coffee blends in the comfort of your own home.