Everything You Need To Know About the Lobsters of Nova Scotia

When Canadians think of lobster and where it comes from, Nova Scotia is typically at the front of mind.  Home to some of the best seafood our country has to offer, Nova Scotia’s thousands of harvesters work year-round to provide suppliers, restaurants and grocers with fresh, sustainable lobster, no matter the climate.

In Barrington, the lobster capital of Canada, this practice has been in place since the early 1800s, contributing to lobster being Nova Scotia’s top export. The waters off of Barrington are also the most lobster-rich in the world.

Nova Scotian shores these lobsters are fished from are monitored and certified by the Marine Stewardship council, the largest global wild seafood certification program, ensuring quality and sustainability. Lobster products available to chefs and operators can range from whole cooked, raw, live, just the meat and other specialty offerings.

Interestingly enough, Canadian diners are not the biggest consumers of our Atlantic coast’s seafood staple. Over 60% of Nova Scotian Lobster is exported to the United States, with the remaining catches distributed among Canada, Europe and Asia.  Looking back to the locals, Nova Scotian foodservice operators not only take pride in their lobster offerings, they even have established what’s known as a Lobster Trail, featuring over 45 restaurants filled with alluring lobster features, a lobster passport for diner stamp collecting and more.