Great Ways To Recognize, Celebrate and Appreciate Your Talent

Today is National Food Service Workers Day – where we take the time to stop and celebrate the folks behind the counter, in the kitchen and those on the move bringing your favorite takeout to you on a daily basis. Whether you are a customer or an employer, we need to give thanks, recognize and celebrate the employees and today is the perfect day to reach out and pay it forward. According to Quantum Workplace, regularly giving out authentic, deserved recognition to employees, can bring you that much closer to unlocking their full potential. Authentic recognition serves three key purposes; showcasing goal achievement, motivate effort and reinforce values!

Here are a few great ways you can recognize and celebrate the food service workers in your communities:

Staff Appreciation Party

There’s no better way to boost company culture than a well executed staff party. Pick a fun theme, e.g. Office Olympics or 90’s throwback – having a theme will help unify the ideas and activities. Consider having karaoke, games, prizes, lunch and party snacks. Your employees will appreciate being on the other side of food service for a change, this  will surely bring your staff together, while creating a core memory for them to share in!

Gift Cards

If there isn’t time or budget for a full-blown appreciation fiesta – or perhaps your staff operate remotely and in many different locales – consider an affordable gift card you can send to them with a personal thank you note from management, appreciating their hard work. Gift cards are versatile and most big brands now offer them – go a step further and purchase gift cards for your own company, where staff can double down on employee discounts as a bonus!

Handwritten Notes

A few well written sentences can go a long way and are a beautiful, intimate gesture that few people take the time to actually do! We understand it can be difficult to sit and find time to put pen to paper, so preparation is key, for times of mass recognition such as these, create a folder with employees names and throughout the year, start a note with each employees name and fill in the rest when the time comes – e.g.  “Dear Jennifer, just wanted  to thank you for…” write them all out and have them ready for a time such as this.

Staff Outing

Shut down the operation for a day and put staff first! Taking staff on a well-deserved field trip is always a great way to show them a good time, but can also build better teams. Ideally, the company should cover the cost of the trip and allow staff to take a break and enjoy the fruits of their labor for a change. Great options are gaming / trivia style restaurants, book a private space, trip to a local attraction or some sort of physical but fun activity like rafting or laser tag. For tighter budgets, consider partnering with a supplier such as a local brewery or winery – they should jump at the opportunity to educate your talent on their products, staff appreciate the free sampling and are better equipped when they return to work. WIN-WIN!

Surprise Food & Ice Cream Truck!

Imagine the look on your talents’ face when they show up to the job, only to find a food truck or ice cream cart parked outside with delights just for them! There are numerous food truck companies available for private events and office catering. Zhush things up by setting up a summer style dining area outside the operation with chairs, lights and music. Staff can take their breakfast, lunch and dinner break and enjoy the free eats with their peers! Appreciation…check!