PizzaForno Debuts Into Transit Sector with Metrolinx Serving Pizza In Under 3 Minutes

Canadian-founded, rapidly growing automated pizzeria chain, PizzaForno, proudly announces its debut into the public transportation sector with a public transit leader, Metrolinx. The partnership officially launched on September 13th with PizzaForno kiosks at the 407 Bus Terminal and Weston GO & UP Station now serving hot and delicious pizza, baked fast and fresh in 3 minutes 24/7, to thousands of riders daily.

“We’re excited to welcome PizzaForno to GO. Customers are now able to access great pizzas through a seamless ordering experience on the PizzaForno app as they arrive at their destination or prepare for their next trip or adventure,” said Mark Childs, Chief Marketing Officer, Metrolinx.

PizzaForno marks the transit leader’s first automated hot pizza option with additional kiosks anticipated to be announced at GO Transit stations in the coming months.

“This is the world’s first agreement of its kind with a public transit operator in Canada, and further strengthens PizzaForno’s leadership position in the automated food space in North America,” said Les Tomlin, Co-Founder and President of PizzaForno. “We are well on our way to becoming the fastest-growing pizza chain in North America by 2024.

Metrolinx is responsible for the operation of GO Transit, UP Express, and PRESTO. It operates over 400,000 buses and trains and serves over 100 million commuters.

PizzaForno has more than 70 units across North America, with an additional 800 units already committed through 2024. PizzaForno uses patented technology to serve consumers the best in food, flavor, and convenience. Its 9 x 6 ft. kiosks are seamlessly installed and operating in food courts, convenience stores, post-secondary schools, military bases, tourist destinations, and boating marinas throughout Canada and the US.

New and improved crust

PizzaForno’s 11″ pizza selection now features a tastier crust, more mouthwatering toppings, and savory sauce, starting from $9.99 plus tax, with offerings including BBQ Chicken, Meat Lovers, Four Cheese, Pepperoni, Veggie, and Hawaiian.

Order ahead with the PizzaForno app

PizzaForno customers have the benefit of touchless ordering. They can use the new PizzaForno app to pre-order to make the experience even speedier or order directly at the kiosk from an automated screen. A robotic arm takes the refrigerated pizza and puts it into an oven for baking. Less than three minutes later, a hot pizza in a box emerges from a slot. PizzaForno also offers a take-and-bake option to enjoy at home.