Wendy’s Restaurants Are Now Serving Heinz Cold Ketchup, Canadians’ Condiment Temperature Preference

Available now for a limited time at participating Wendy’s locations across Canada, COLD ketchup; perfect for dipping their hot, crispy fries and other menu selections.

But why? It turns out that according to a study performed by Heinz, almost half of Canadians surveyed agreed that cold is the only temperature ketchup should be eaten at, as opposed to room temperature as it has been typically offered.

In addition to bringing refreshing Heinz Cold Ketchup to Wendy’s for the summer, Heinz is also offering their iconic, cold-chilled glass ketchup bottles for sale in select grocery stores, shelved in specially marked display fridges.

“It’s no secret that the ketchup temperature debate is a contentious topic that’s been dividing the internet,” says Jacqueline Chao, Senior Brand Manager, Kraft Heinz Company. “As the world’s most iconic ketchup, we saw a natural opportunity to hack this cultural conversation in an unexpected, yet ownable way by introducing Heinz Cold Ketchup, our slow-pouring ketchup, just colder. We’re thrilled that our fans now don’t have to choose, because when it comes to ketchup, room temperature or cold, it has to be Heinz.”

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