Mental Health & Wellbeing at Work – A (Top) Chef’s Perspective

Celebrity chef and business owner, Chef Trevor Bird, will be hosting a free webinar in partnership with BC’s Hub for Workplace Mental Health.

Date: Tuesday, September 27th, 2022
Time: 10:00am – 11:am PDT

The 60-minute webinar will focus on the pressures of the Hospitality & Tourism industry and tools you can use to strengthen your resilience and prevent burnout. In the session you will: define what hospitality means to you, learn about your triggers and how to respond professionally, and create boundaries that nurture us in such a demanding industry.


In Chef Trevor Bird’s own words, “I invite you to this unique experience of self-exploration and how you relate to the hospitality industry. Whether you are faced with challenges or perfectly content in your career, I promise there is something you will learn about yourself. Together we will master the tools to build resilience, and a stronger connection with yourself personally and professionally.”

This webinar is hosted in honour of World Tourism Day to celebrate the Hospitality & Tourism industry and share key strategies to protect mental health in the workplace.