Moneris® and UEAT® Launches High-Performance Digital Self-Ordering Kiosk

Never leave money on the digital table ever again.

Industry Leaders in Canada Moneris® and UEAT® have joined forces to offer an all-new self-ordering kiosk rental service.

The brand new high-performance digital Self-Ordering Kiosk providing contactless ordering for restaurants looking to increase their average ticket size through automatic upselling and cross-selling features and by offering a visually appealing menu that delights customers and keeps them coming back.

Restaurants have had to adapt and work with fewer employees, resulting in longer wait times and low customer satisfaction. Self-ordering kiosks allow restaurants to reallocate their front-of-house staff, such as cashiers, to value-added tasks that improve the customer experience.

The new kiosk solutions were featured heavily at the RC Show in Toronto this year and highlighted ways to address some of the pain points experienced by food service providers. The kiosks feature Moneris payment processing solutions and Moneris Field Services, as well as UEAT best-in-class online ordering solution, along with Samsung reliable and a compact space saving design hardware.

What do you get with a Moneris Kiosk, powered by UEAT?

  • Improve speed Collect orders quickly and accurately so your staff can focus on getting orders out.
  • Increase ticket size Serve up options easily and let your customers add a drink or a side with a simple tap with automatic upsells.
  • Change it up Make changes to your menu quickly and easily with remote updates and centralized menu management.
  • Get support Experience simple installation and fast menu setup, followed by 24/7 support from our experts.

Check out the benefits

Help increase customer satisfaction

Improve speed of service. Reduced wait times and bust irritating lines. Increase order accuracy with a fully visual menu. Reassign staff that used to take orders to other guest-oriented tasks.

New ways to increase profitability

Potential for higher ticket sizes thanks to automatic upsell & cross-sell. Fewer staff required to run your front of house operations. Take advantage of your rental option in enabling a faster and more affordable roll-out.

Simple setup

Enjoy a worry-free, Canada-wide installation and maintenance by Moneris Field Services and 24/7 live operating system support from UEAT

Source: UEAT.IO, 2023

Availability of the new kiosk is limited and industry partners are encouraged to reserve now to secure installation in 2023. Due to limited global supply and high demand, the self-ordering kiosks will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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