COBS Bread Celebrates 20 Years Of Baking In Canada

It’s a moment 20 years in the baking! 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of COBS Bread in Canada, and to commemorate this milestone all of its 160 bakeries are doubling down on their commitment to COBS Bread’s End of Day Giving program, with the mission to ensure that no leftover product goes to waste.

From July 24-30th, in-bakery guests can pick-up a special 20th COBSiversary scone – a double chocolate scone with cream cheese icing and sprinkles, available at all bakeries for a limited time.

“With the cost of food and groceries continuing to rise, many Canadians from coast to coast to coast are struggling more than ever to feed their families,” says Aaron Gillespie, COBS Bread President. “This is why, at the end of each day, every bakery continues to donate leftover bread to local charitable programs in their respective communities.”

To help other companies, restaurants and bakeries get started on a food donation plan, COBS Bread is sharing 20 years of learnings, insights and expertise in a never-before-released downloadable step-by-step food donation guide.

“Our End of Day Giving program has been part of COBS Bread’s DNA since the very beginning,” says Gillespie. “It’s the fabric of who we are as a brand. We hope this guide inspires others to get started.”

The impact of a successful food donation plan can be substantial.

Since the first COBS Bread bakery opened in Vancouver back in 2003, and thanks to 100 per cent franchisee participation, over 500 local charities have received an estimated $560 million worth of product, which goes to help Canadians struggling with food insecurity. Last year alone, more than $60 million in retail value was donated. On average, each franchise is providing an approximate retail value of $1,000 of baked goods daily. Recipient charities include food banks, school breakfast programs, after school programs, youth charities, and community groups.

As the fastest-growing bakery concept in Canada, Gillespie wants COBS Bread to be an example of how sustainable growth, combined with an equal effort on serving communities, has been a recipe for success.

“We recognize the immense commitment it takes to implement a food donation program, and we would like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of all the volunteers, local community organizations and our franchisees for making this happen every single day,” says Gillespie.