Omcan and Pacojet Launch the Next Must-Have Professional Cooking System

Pacojet has commemorated its 30-year journey with the launch of the highly anticipated Pacojet 4 in partnership with North American Food-Service Equipment leader, Omcan. The Pacojet 4 retains the core cooking systems that industry leaders worldwide have come to know and love in the Pacojet, while adding many revolutionary features that will be game-changing for food industry professionals across North America.

“We have a long-standing partnership with Pacojet and are very excited about the launch of Pacojet 4. The Pacojet 4 promises to be a culinary revolution in the making, and we are proud to bring it to our customers in Canada and all of North America,” says Craig Hirst, CEO of Omcan.

In the Pacojet, fresh, deep-frozen ingredients are micro-pureed under overpressure without thawing, creating diverse, high-quality dishes, from sorbets and ice creams, soups, doughs, beverages, and more. The new Pacojet 4 has improved user-friendliness, device setting options, and overall design. New features include:

  • The option of pacotizing® specific recipes in just 90 seconds
  • A large touchscreen offering intuitive user guidance with an animated assistance feature
  • A smart device detection mode to protect against misuse

For more information, please visit Omcan’s website.