S.P.A.R.C. Robots Speeding Up Service At Pick-Up Restaurants

New robotics technology has transformed many industries from manufacturing, medical search and rescue and food productions. Now, more than ever before we are seeing the inclusion of automation and robotics entering into the restaurant space. These artificially intelligent mechanical helpers are here to stay and can help boost revenue and reduce costs, especially at quick service food service operations.

S.P.A.R.C. Technologies specializes in robotics, technology and advanced systems that support and enhance businesses including foodservice operators to become better.

In 2021 S.P.A.R.C begun its journey in Ontario, Canada as the distributor and support for Pudu Robotics with the focus being to work directly with customers to improve their business, save costs and create a program that brings their vision to life – hinged on the values of innovation, efficiency, transparency and being approachable by connecting people through simple and inviting solutions.

Introducing S.P.A.R.C.’s line of commercial service robots, all equipped with a multitude if tools and programs to assist with hosting/greeting, guiding, delivery, returning dishes/products, contactless service, digital marketing and disinfection. Take a look at the following chart breaking down S.P.A.R.C.’s line and their different offerings.

To summarize, here are the key reasons you would want a S.P.A.R.C. robot assisting in your restaurant: ⁠
⁠✔️ Reduce the workload of employees ⁠
✔️ Assisting with client needs⁠
✔️ Improve the table turn rates during peak mealtime⁠
✔️ Allow employees to focus on providing excellent customer service⁠
✔️ Shorten the time of table clearing after every meal⁠
✔️ Improve customer experience⁠


  • Employees unavailable during peak hours
  • Risk of unsatisfied customers
  • Customer churn while unattended
  • Digital integration into process

Sparc Robots provide timely response to customer needs. Our products engage customers with digital media and ensure higher customer conversion, especially during peak hours.


  • Extra labour cost for cleaning
  • Frequent cleaning required
  • Various tools required in dynamic environments
  • Low effiency in manual workflow

Our autonomous and automatic cleaning robots ensure constant, high-efficiency cleaning of any space, for extended periods of time beyond regular manual capacity.


  • Employees unavailable during peak hours
  • Risk of unsatisfied customers
  • Low manual capacity
  • Inefficient delivery reduces profitable window

Sparc Robots provide high-capacity internal transportation of goods both for your staff and customers. Our products ensure constant, high-efficiency movement within your store, especially during peak hours.

As Canada’s leading service robotics distributor, S.P.A.R.C. continues to innovate and grow, and as their robots become more commonly accepted the company continues to solve food service challenges such as labour costs, employee turnover, dining time and customer experience.

With a variety of flexible payment options, from full price purchase, group pricing for multiple units, leasing and financing offers as well as rental to see how one of S.P.A.R.C. robots can improve your business.