8 Minority Owned Takeout Restaurants in Montreal

By Marie-Noel Ouimet

Montreal, a vibrant and culturally diverse city, is renowned for its flourishing culinary scene. Amidst the bustling streets and picturesque neighbourhoods, a tapestry of flavours and traditions comes to life through a rich variety of restaurants. 

These establishments, led by talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, have carved their own paths and brought their unique culinary heritage to the forefront. From the aromatic spices of African cuisine to the delectable flavours of Asian fare, each restaurant offers a captivating journey for the taste buds. 

Here are 8 minority-owned restaurants to discover in Montreal. 

At the heart of Tacos Frida’s success story is a small family restaurant, born of the culinary heritage of the Oaxaca region of Mexico.  After emigrating to Montreal some fifteen years ago, Enrique’s mother and brother first worked for another restaurant before opening their own small restaurant in St-Henri, with the help of friends and the community. 8 years (it’ll be their 8th anniversary in August) and a recipe book later, they are now settled into a bigger space with 20 employees. 

Their cuisine draws inspiration from family recipes and the rich culinary tradition from southern Mexico and the Oaxaca region. Favourites include cecina, tacos, quesadillas and burritos, as well as traditional.

Address: 4350, Notre-Dame West, Montreal, H4C 2W6


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Teochew Foodie was launched in 2020 when Qiusheng Dai and Lin Ying came up with the idea of selling frozen wontons to friends and family upon their arrival in Canada. The positive response convinced them to open their first boutique with daughter Zhezhen (Chanel) Dai in St-Henri before moving to rue St-Denis in the heart of the plateau Mont-Royal. 

“The type of cuisine we offer is strongly inspired by the culinary culture of the Teochew region in southern China (also known as Chaoshan). The region’s recipes are renowned for being well-balanced, and the aim of this gastronomy is to bring out the authentic taste of the ingredients”, explains Zhezhen Dai.

The location on St-Denis features several types of Teochew specialties and their most popular dishes are wontons, rice noodle rolls and braised meats (especially duck). While you’re there, be sure to pick up a jar of their crispy spiced oil to enhance your dishes and dumplings at home.  And this summer, they’ve got a Teochew-style fried ice cream, a refreshing dessert unique to the city of Teochew.

Address: 3964A St-Denis, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2M2


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Ordering at La Khaïma is like taking a culinary journey through North Africa. Opened in 2003, owner Atigh, originally from Mauritania, serves a cuisine he describes as “nomadic slow food”, inspired by the flavours of Senegal, Mali, Morocco and Algeria. 

On the menu, 3 slow-cooked meat and vegetable dishes in sauces are offered each day. The menu often varies according to what the chef finds, sourcing local ingredients as much as possible. Beef couscous, chicken with olives, Maffe chicken with peanuts or pastillas are just a few examples from the menu, depending on the day.

Address: 142 Av. Fairmount O, Montréal, QC H2T 2M5


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J’ai Feng, located in Little Italy, is a midday rice noodle joint serving Szechuan-style bowls, with takeaway options for dinner. Chef Anita Feng offers two noodle dishes a day, on a menu that changes weekly. For example, at the time of writing, you could order rice noodle with Quebec lamb, silken tofu, yacai, red oil or a version with oyster mushroom,  cucumber from a local farm, daikon, fermented bean sauce and peanuts.

On the store front, Feng has carefully selected a range of quality ingredients to use at home, from vinegars and noodles to sauces, peppers and white sesame pastes. A play on words, J’ai Feng, the name of the restaurant bearing the chef’s name, sounds like J’ai faim (I’m hungry) in French.

Address: 43, rue Beaubien Est, Montréal (Québec), H2S 1A7


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As you approach Boom J’s Cuisine, you simply can’t help but mouth-water at the delicious aromas coming from the restaurant. At the wheel is the owner, Jermaine, who prepares some of the best Jerk chicken in town, as well as Jamaican and Caribbean specialties such as oxtail, chicken curry, plantain and patties. A first location in Pointe-Saint-Charles opened in 2013, followed by a second a little further west, on Monk Street. Plates are generous and full of flavours.

Address: Multiple locations

At Cantine Tran, you’ll find a simple menu that highlights the flavors of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Family recipes, handed down from generation to generation, are a real treat, whether it’s Pho soup, chicken salad or homemade tofu. And few can resist the Banh mi, with or without a fried egg. Chef-owner Marylyn Tran cut her teeth in the kitchens of her mother’s restaurant Pho Tay Ho before opening Tran Cantine in St-Henri in 2017 with her husband. They now have a second address in Mile-Ex.

Address: Multiple locations

Kwizinn, located in Verdun, brings a taste of the Caribbean to Montreal, with a menu that combines traditional Caribbean flavours with modern techniques and presentations. Co-owner-chef Michael Lafaille wanted to promote a more gastronomic side to the cuisine of his native Haiti, often associated with street or market food, with an emphasis on quality and freshness. Their specialties range from Caribbean cuisine to chicken, griot, crispy bananas and tropical cocktails.

Address: 4030 Rue Wellington, Verdun, Montréal, QC, H4G 1V3

Algonquin three-sister casserole, mushroom chicken chippewa with wild rice, native salad and bannock or Indian tacos with moose meat are just some of the dishes you can order at Miqmak Catering Indigenous Kitchen. What was once a small restaurant with 12 seatings and a catering service became just a catering service in the wake of the pandemic. Growing up in a large native family in Gaspésie, Chef Norma Condo learned to cook traditional Miqmak dishes passed down from her grandmother. And so, Chef Norma’s menu includes many First Nations recipes, some traditional, some passed down by the Chipeway natives, and some from her grandmother. Due to high demand, she is currently only taking mealbox reservations for groups.

Address: 10409 Boulevard Gouin Ouest, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 1W5