SPATULA: Flash-Frozen Meal Kits Get Investment Offers from all 5 Dragons

A Canadian gourmet flash-frozen meal kit company slayed the Dragons on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, receiving investment offers from all 5 Dragons. SPATULA Foods makes gourmet flash-frozen meal kits that are ready in less than 10 minutes. The Dragons were impressed by the extreme convenience, quality, and taste. The company boasts a menu of over 40 restaurant-quality dishes that are ready in 10 minutes with just a pan and spatula, thanks to flash-frozen technology. Following negotiations, the co-founders ultimately accepted a $500,000 deal with Arlene Dickinson.

“A meal kit that’s actually fast, easy, and good is frustratingly rare, and SPATULA helps home foodies, new parents, and busy professionals answer the question ‘What’s for dinner?'” said Ian Weng, Co-Founder and CEO of SPATULA Foods. “We wanted to create something that is faster than meal kits, cheaper than food delivery, and infinitely better than TV dinners.”

Customers can place a one-time order or sign up for SPATULA’s subscription service online. Each dish arrives in a flash frozen, vacuum-sealed pouch containing two portions, and meals start at $9.98 a plate. “I expected [yet] another food box but this is actually really innovative and different!” said Manjit Minhas, one of the Dragons on the Den.

Ontarians are already loving SPATULA, with over 60,000 meals sold since launching in March 2022. The brand has partnered with big names in Canada’s food scene like MasterChef Canada Champion, Chef Eric Chong, and renowned restaurant, Gusto 101. Customers can enjoy dishes from these big names delivered straight to their homes, and ready in minutes thanks to the magic of SPATULA’s flash-frozen meals.