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Make Marketing Vitals Your Single Source Of Truth In Data!

Knowledge is power – with Marketing Vitals you can turn data into dollars through marketing and predictive analytics, offering the same level of security as your own bank, Marketing Vitals creates dynamic and easy-to-follow charts, graphics and short stories to guide your marketing and sales strategies towards higher earnings.

Marketing Vitals drives top line by ingesting POS transactional data then layering on payment, weather, marketing events, price changes, email-text-loyalty, online ordering, Wifi, coupons and more to generate analytics that illuminates the WHY behind guest behavioral movement in frequency, basket, spend and menu mix.

Vitals has 16 one-click analytics for menu, price, sales patterning, guest behavior, employee performance, events analysis, campaigns cannibalization, simulated testing and more, that helps mutual clients learn more about their own business allowing smarter strategic decisions across every department. We measure how each guest reacts to brand activities and events (price change, new menu item, remodel, competitor intrusion, etc.).

“There is nothing more valuable than our software to provide them fact-based strategic decision-making” says Ward Olgreen, Chief Operation Officer, adding that “by using the data a brand is often just sitting on, leadership can now make fact-based strategic decisions instead of guessing their way thru the marketing spend or a business plan. We become their Single Source of Truth Thru Data.”

Four Stage Learning Cycle

Discover – Go beyond your gut instinct to get competitive, data-driven, user-friendly insights and analytics into your marketing efforts, your customer behavior, and your team’s performance.

Predict – Using data from prior years, clearly and accurately foresee how changes you make to your marketing, menu items, pricing, and promotions will impact your sales and brand.

Act – Implement data-driven recommendations based on past guest behavior patterns to unleash your sales potential through increased customer frequency, spend and overall brand performance.

Earn – By integrating each of your transactional data-silos into a single user-friendly solution, Marketing Vitals’ advanced insights and analytics provide you a roadmap to higher earnings.

Marketing Vitals are leaders in Machine Learning Guest Behavior Analytics for brands like Boston Pizza, Sonny’s BBQ, Paris Baguette, Darden Int’l, Golden Chick, Twin Peaks, Foodtastic (Milestone’s Grill and Bar, Pita Pit, La Belle and Le Boeuf), Fogo de Chao, Bibibop, Charley’s Phillysteak & Wings, The Capital Grille & many more.

Integrating with 50+ partner data-silos to provide a holistic view of your business and customer behavior by pulling information from POS Systems, Kiosks, Data Warehouses, Reservation Systems, Loyalty Programs, Email Clubs, SMS, Review Sites, Online Ordering, Mobile Apps, Credit Card Processors, Currency Rates, Demographics, Psychographics, Coupons, Direct Mail and Industry Data.

Incentivize Me!

Get your servers engaged through Marketing Vitals awarding-winning mobile app – where you can put your restaurant concepts incentive programs and charity drives on autopilot. Their app allows your to create contests to boost revenue and incentivize your team, rank your teams performance and get them engaged in charity drives that translate their efforts into real world impact.

Servers can use the app to view their contests, stats, progress, and personalized motivation to get ahead. The app even shows them how much they could have earned in tips from missed sales opportunities.

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