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The hot dog originally hailed from a popular German snack called a Dachshund (“little dog”) sausage, and it has since become a mainstay of the North American diet. Many of us have fond childhood memories of eating hot dogs – in a bun or cut up in our mac and cheese. Doused in ketchup and yellow mustard, they have become the unofficial snack of baseball stadiums everywhere. And there is nothing quite like enjoying “street meat” from one of the hot dog carts lining downtown city streets.

Read on for a round-up of five eateries specializing in this iconic food across the greater Toronto area.

5 Hot Dog Eateries Across the GTA

Wvrst is making waves across the city of Toronto with their artisan sausages, craft beer, and good times. Their extensive list of traditional sausages, like Cheesy Kielbasa and Bratwvrst, will leave you wanting more, and their game sausage, like Kangaroo and Bison, are sure to excite even the most adventurous eaters of your group. As a side, don’t skip out on the Dirty Duck fries – you can thank us later.

From out of town? Stop for a sausage while you wait for your train at Wvrst Union Station!

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Curbside Dogs Diner is a Scarborough destination for delicious loaded sausages, hot dogs, and other bar snacks like tacos, burgers, sandwiches and fries. Don’t miss their Country Smoked Sausage, topped with creamy coleslaw, crispy onion, and BBQ sauce. You can also find Curbside Dogs in the kitchen at Scarborough’s DogFish Pub & Grill, where you can catch live music while you eat, and you might just run into one of their food trucks out and about on the street!

Address: 629 Pharmacy Ave., Scarborough, ON


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Fancy Franks is paying homage to the hot dog’s history by taking inspiration from Coney Island, NYC, America’s iconic original hot dog destination. On the menu, you’ll find simple, tasty hot dogs and sausages hand twisted in small batches using locally sourced meat. Top those with fun flavours like Franko Y Heuvos and Fancy Texi-Mexi, and you’re guaranteeing a good time meal for the whole family.

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Woofdawg makes their very own natural casing, original recipe hot dogs locally in Toronto. At Woofdawg, you can order one of those original dawgs slathered in delicious toppings. Try their Crank Dup Corndawwg, a hotdog hand-dipped with corn & chilis and topped with spicy mayo and cheezies. You can also purchase their original pork and beef, all beef, and all chicken dawgs at local stores including Pusateri’s and Cheese Boutique.

Address: 185 Baldwin St, Toronto


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Mix up the classic weenie at Chungchun, where they are dishing out Canada’s first Korean style hot dog. Chungchun’s very first location was in Seoul, South Korea, and they now have over 200 locations globally. What makes Korean style hot dogs special? Unlike a traditional bun or flour-based batter, their hot dogs are coated in a fermented glutinous rice flour batter resulting in a corn-dog like creation that is exceptionally soft and chewy.

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