10 Restaurants Across Canada Offering Top Hot Dogs

Did you know that the hot dog can be traced as far back as Ancient Rome? It’s true!

From the roasted game meats of Nero the Roman Emperor to the Frankfurt birth of the modern sausage, hot dogs have a delicious history and present.

Mouth already watering? Here are 10 restaurants across Canada offering top hot dogs you’ll want part of your story.

Japadog (Vancouver, BC)

“Delivering dreams, happiness and excitement to the world through hot dogs,” Japadog takes food fantasies and makes them come to life wrapped in fresh buns.

Current menu offerings include the Kurogoma Kimchi (pictured, with turkey sausage, kimchi and black sesame), Shrimpy Chili, Avocado, Ebi Tempura, Age Ice (ice cream) and more.

Address: 530 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC. @japadog.canada

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Saint Franks (Victoria, BC)

“Bringing pride back to the humble hotdog one wiener at a time,” taste buds will sing upon tasting the heavenly flavours of Saint Franks.

Try the Big Mack (pictured), topped with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and sesame seeds.

Address: 1320 Broad St, Victoria, BC. @saintfranks

Tubby Dog (Calgary, AB)

Praising “wieners for life,” Tubby Dog will fill even the biggest hot dog cravings with their fully loaded creations.

Try explosive flavour options like the PBJ, the Harlo (bacon, cheese, mustard, relish) or Choose Your Own Adventure.

Address: 103-1022 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB. @tubbydog

Fat Frank’s (Edmonton, AB)

Serving custom-made hot dogs, sausages and smokies since 1995, don’t wear a belt when dining with Fat Frank’s.

With 17+ mobile kitchens and a dog house (har har), Frank’s currently serves filling features like Jumbo Fat Franks, All Day Breakfast Dogs and a variety of available meats like grilled crumbled Italian sausage, frilled crumble chorizon, grilled chopped Montreal smoked meat and more.

Address: #125 5015-101 Avenue, Edmonton, AB. @fatfranksedmonton

Wienerpeg (Winnipeg, MB)

As good to eat as they’re fun to say, Wienerpeg makes good-priced dogs with local ingredients and ethically-raised meat; instant favourites to anyone who takes a bite.

Current selections include the Scandinavian (Euro wiener, fresh onions, fried onions, ketchup, mustard, remoulade, pickle slices), the New York (all beef wiener, spicy brown mustard, sauerkraut), the self-titled Wienerpeg (Euro wiener, Barn Hammer hot honey mustard, caramelized onions, cheese curds, dill) and more.

Address: 1 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB. @wienerpegmb

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Woofdawg (Toronto, ON)

If you’re hungry for a dog, say WOOF(DAWG).

They offer LOADED locally-made pork & beef, all beef and chicken dogs made with a unique blend of spices that’ll have taste buds wagging like tails. (Okay, we’ll stop).

Address: 1357 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON. @woofdawghotdog

Chung Chun Rice Hot Dogs (Multiple Locations, ON)

Opened in 2019, Chung Chun brings signature Korean street food selections to the streets of Toronto.

Indulge in the Gamsung (wrapped in crispy fried potatoes), the Ramen Chips Hot Dog, the Double Cheese and more.

Address: For a Chung Chun nearest you, click here@chungchun.ca

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Tavern on the Hill (Ottawa, ON)

With a perfect view of the nation’s capital in the background, Tavern on the Hill is the perfect place to stop, look around and dig into a delicious gourmet dog.

Try the Backyard, complete with bbq pulled pork, slaw, bacon bits, pickled jalapeños, or the Canadian, topped with shredded lettuce, bacon, onion and Tavern sauce. Vegan substitutes are available.

Address: 1223 Alexandra Bridge, Ottawa, ON. @tavernonthehillottawa

Chez Tousignant (Montreal, QC)

From the culinary team that brings you Impasto come the dogs of Chez Tousignant.

Wrapped in caramelized buns, enjoy the Classic (coleslaw and mustard) or the Tousignant, with melted cheese, bacon, sauce and pickle slices.

Address: 6956 Drolet Street, Montreal, QC. @cheztousignant

Buckley’s BBQ (Halifax, NS)

Serving Halifax for over 20 years, this hot dog stand is a must-find for anyone wandering Halifax.

You can currently find Buckley flipping dogs near the Ferry Terminal. Visit Buckley’s Facebook page for any service changes.