5 Fish & Chip Locations Making Waves in Canada

Did you know that servings of fish and chips are Canada’s most searched takeout cuisine?

Comprised of fried battered fish and fries, fish and chips is known to be a signature English dish having been served famously unrationed during the two World Wars in Britain. The fish itself is typically haddock or cod. Today, there are over 10,500 fish and chip locations in the United Kingdom; but Canada is catching on!

Yet to find a favourite chippy here at home? Here are 5 locations across Canada to get your search started.

The Vancouver Fish Company (Granville Island, BC)

Why We Love Them: Ocean Wise recommended fish and Granville Island Honey Lager batter!

It’s no secret that Granville Island is a fish and chips hotbed in British Columbia, and one of the local favourites is The Vancouver Fish Company. Offering fresh and sustainable ingredients recommended by Ocean Wise as ocean-friendly, your taste buds will water over the lager batter used to fry their amazing fish and chips; all served with cabbage and carrot slaw, mustard vinaigrette and tartar sauce.

Address: 1517 Anderson Street Granville Island, Vancouver, BC. @vanfishco

The British Chippy (Calgary and Okotoks, AB)

Why We Love Them: British-style and organic potatoes!

An authentic taste of a Britain-based chippy in Alberta, The British Chippy is an award-winning establishment, with two locations, that prides itself on the use of organic potatoes, wild-caught fish and non-GMO oil. They also offer a gluten-free version of their traditional fish and chips for only a twoonie more.

Address: 233, 2335 162 Ave SW (Calgary, AB) and 94 Elizabeth Street (Okotoks, AB). @thebritishchippy

Fergies Fish N Chips (Winnipeg, MB)

Why We Love Them: Fries from Manitoban russet burbank potatoes and canola oil frying!

Serving fish and chips since 2004, the original Fergies is located at a site historically known for being a thousand-year Indigenous meeting place, once key for trading and fishing. Today, known as The Forks, it’s still a grand gathering neighbourhood for locals and tourists alike, and Fergies is a must-stop there. With chips made from Manitoba’s Russet Burbank potatoes and your choice of cod, haddock and pickerel battered and cooked in a healthy Canola Harvest Hilo, this is a healthier, Canadian-centric take on the dish, right down to how it’s fried.

Address: 1 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB + 2 locations.

Harbord Fish N Chips (Toronto, ON)

Why We Love Them: Generational long-standing and friendly counter service!

A fish and chips go-to of almost 40 years, it can be hard to top Harbord Fish N Chips. Frying haddock and halibut in a cozy counter-service space, one taste and you’ll understand how this simple business has stayed a word of mouth staple all these years.

Address: 147 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON.

John’s Lunch (Dartmouth, NS)

Why We Love Them: Fresh Atlantic haddock!

Winner of Best Fish and Chips at the 2019 Best of Halifax Awards, John’s Lunch has been serving the dynamic duo for over 50 years, and been winning accolades every year for over a decade! Their seafood is sourced from the shores of the Atlantic and their family pack of fish, fries, coleslaw, drinks and MD gravy is unmatched.

Address: 352 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth, NS. @johns_lunch