5 Restaurants Across Canada Offering African Cuisine

From tastes of their east coast to bites of the west, and everywhere in between, even in Canada, you never have to adventure very far to find authentic recreations of African dishes and flavours.

Staple ingredients of these dishes often include goat and chicken while also incorporating rice, sesame, chili peppers, beans, starches and spicy sauces.

To help you on your global flavour journey, if a restaurant of curiosity is labelled as East African, you’ll likely find yourself dining on the cuisines of Tanzania, Somalia, Rwanda, Uganada, Burundi or Kenya. Meanwhile, West African-inspired restaurants draw from the traditional meals of the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and Guinea, just to name a few.

Ready to explore? Here are 5 restaurants across Canada to add to your must-eat list today.

Sahan Restaurant (Scarborough, ON)

Creating dishes inspired by the Somali area of Africa, Sahan Restaurant prides themselves on their authentic “feels like home” creations, complete with the availability of a prayer room on-site for diners.

Indulge in their Goat Ribs, T-Bone Strak or, if it’s chilly, a Beef or Chicken Suqaar (Stew). Like things spicy? Make any dish Hilac or have the spice added to the side.

Address: 2010 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z1. @sahan_resto

Arike Restaurant & Cocktail Bar (Vancouver, BC)

“Pacific Northwest meets West African” at Arike, just minutes from Vancouver’s English Bay Beach.

Treat yourself to a 5 Course Tasting Menu with items such as Braised Goat Leg & Shoulder made with African spices, caramelized yogurt, honey, yam dough and chili oil, Suya Chicken with iru bean barbecue sauce and brioche, Duck & Waffles made with chilies, grains of paradise gastrique, and buckwheat waffles. Or try the Vegan 5 Course Tasting Menu, with Pineapple Salad, Plantain & Mushrooms, and Gnocchi.

For dessert, enjoy the Cassava Cake with Coconut cheese foam, herb oil, rum caramel or Apple Tart with tiger nut custard, caramelized apples and shortbread.

Address: 1725 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 1W5 @arikerestaurant

Mary’s African Cuisine (Halifax, NS)

Offering continental African dishes, including an all-day breakfast and special fancy cakes for special occasions, there’s just something about Mary’s.

Try a Juicy Goat Stew or a delicious vegetarian platter served with your choice of Egusi, Black eyed peas or cabbage stew and Jollof, Lentil or Curry rice.

Address: 1701 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 2A4 @marysafricancuisine

Celebrity Pure Vegetarian (Toronto, ON)

A part of the Little Jamaica community, Celebrity Pure Vegetarian is a healthy and delicious option, especially for vegetarians or vegans. Celebrity Pure Vegetarian showcases the natural and authentic flavours of the Caribbean and gives customers countless reasons to come back.

The chef behind the flavours, Sherlock, offers a healthy breakfast you can grab on the go, juices and smoothies that are freshly squeezed and homemade, and colourful plates filled with a little bit of everything.

Address: 1474 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON. @celebritypureveggie

Le Virunga (Montreal, QC)

Offering dine-in and takeout from a bistro-style establishment, Le Virunga’s offerings are described as “when African gastronomy meets Quebec.”

Enjoy their “Faguibine” made with Les canard d’abord farm duck breast, spinach and mini Chioggia beets, sweet potatoes from Ste-Angèle and full-bodied juice with northern spices or their “Kikwit” made with St-Sylvestre goat stew, Qc, swiss chard with tomato and yam fufu.

Address: 851 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2J 2H9 @levirunga

Koultures Afro-Continental Restaurant (Edmonton, AB)

Specializing in East and West African cuisine, Koultures promotes a welcoming atmosphere and unforgettable dishes made with authentic Ethiopian spices.

Order from the menu, consisting of Pounded Yam, Amala, Fufu, Eba or Corn Meal, served with your choice of goat meat, beef, chicken, fish, tilapia or assorted meat, plus Egusi, Efo Riro (Vegetable Soup), Dullet, Kitfo or Lamb Kikil.

Address: 8803 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 0T3 @koulturesfinedining